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@Achie: We're using a walker system similar to the one found in Nuclear Throne, on a grid of one unit. There are a couple of lagspikes caused by the navigation being anything but final since it was using a LOT of obstacle for each wall, instead of having a generation made from the ground. :) 

@liamsorta: Thank you very much! All credits to KrampusParty for the visuals, he's extremely talented! As for the audio, the game track is super nice and the couple of bits for the audio such as the title menu and the death has been found on freesound.org (as I say on the page and in the readme) :) 
To me, its far from polished and there are a lot of issues I could fix, but it feels unfair to fix post-game jam in the game jam context. :P So I'm keeping those off for now! :) 

@SnorkySnark: I noticed it tend to crash on the first launch. However, it worked after that. Is that a recurring issue?