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I really enjoyed the experience and the narrative of this game. Although the background music did not vary much, I find that very suitable considering the setting of the game. (Though, I would really appreciate an option to adjust the music and sound.) The game may be limited in its way in terms of time, funds and possibly other reasons I may now be aware of. Otherwise, I was really anticipating a lot more depth in the main characters' secrets, backgrounds and the development of their, now, entwined fate considering that the "About" section has brought my hopes up. It was really pleasing to see some expression changes as the characters interacted throughout their dialogues and if that can be seen more available in the CGs, that would certainly be a big bonus for us. Now, about the CG, (minor spoiler) I didn't manage to unlock Yazad's first CG scene/extra right away because of my initial choice, the combat scene was what I gotten first. My goodness, I have so many praises for the art. It's gorgeous. Even after both plays, I had to just go back to the choice and unlock the CGs I missed. It was generally effortless to get them, but I just had to get all of them. That is precisely how wonderful the art is. Bless the extras gallery. In regards to the plot, I really like that we can have the chance to look through both perspectives of the main characters. What might be a little downside is that the skip text feature skips unseen text too. I eventually decided to not skip and refer to the logs but re-read the dialogues and look out for the variations.

Overall, I have to admit that I am not a fan of commenting on games but really, I have put this game on the shelf for quite a while due to time constraints but I knew I had to give this a try soon. Despite how relatively short and some really minor inconvenience here and there, I'm really contented by how the visual novel still manages to convey the gist of the plot and wrap it up decently. A lot more can be anticipated but it is an excellent little immersion here. What's more, these beautiful arts are free. The characters are also generally likeable. Like I have said, there can be so much more potential in this but if anything, this will be a piece of work that I am finding myself enjoying more that I expected to. Haha, this comment is turning out longer than I thought.. Regardless, given the much efforts in the game, I would really just wish to express my gratitude as one of the many who have gotten the chance to enjoy this piece.

Thank you, creators!

Hello SweetChiel~ Thank you too.

Indeed. I still feel like I can go on and on about the entire, delightful experience. Rama is too unique yet sincere a character to look over in my case. I'm pretty sure he will continue to make his impression on me for a while even after the game. Regardless of the minor errors here and there, I really had a good time with this, so don't push yourself too hard. If anything, I'm really grateful for your best efforts. Rama's bad end is one of my favorites too. The other one will be somewhere in Reksa's route where he just smiled a moment in the cave after warming up to Tamara, I think. I'm truly humbled that my little comment can help you in anyway. Thank you for the kind offer, allow me to just drop my email ( I'll really be happy to be able to play this again with all the trading cards and improvements you made! Once again, thank you. I'll certainly continue to check out your new work(s) and support them in the near future!

Thank you for the hard work and dedication to work on and improve the game to it is now. It was really a delightful experience while playing this visual novel and I humbly wish to say a few (hopefully, just a few) words about it.

1. My favourite bachelor? Rama. You don't even have to ask, haha. How do I say this? I feel him as a rather more in-depth character although I can't deny I blinked a little at the reason for his agony. Taking a second to digest and step into his shoes, well, it certainly is a painful experience. His gradual character development along the way really came off rather appealing. He feels close as a character, his jester-like nature and the slight twist is  a good touch that I certainly won't mind to see in future games. Drifting off to other bachelors, I didn't regret choosing Mitra to start off this serious, yet light-hearted visual novel. His gentlemanly and rather predictable nature really allowed me to ease into the game and adore him well enough for a start. Changing perspectives slightly from Mitra's and Rama's stories, Reksa really ended the whole experience with a more refreshing insight. His relatively mature handling of different sides and personality really sets him apart to be attractive as well. Regardless, Rama still resonates most with me out of this game.

2. What made me considered this game? I have to admit seeing a new version makes me feel the dedication and passion of the creator's. A skim pass the summary and the pleasant art style and I'm in.

3. I really enjoyed this visual novel. For it to be free is really a gift and blessing. I would say the art is different from my usual preferences but I certainly have a feeling that this game is not one I should passed. Definitely, no regrets. I really like the gallery and the mini encyclopedia. Reviewing them after each playthrough is pretty fun. What stands out the most is really the characters and thank you-a big appreciation-for not stopping after the "romancing" part and forget about the whole war and story. I really like the start-to-end follow through that the game has. Did I mention that Rama's bad end is so heart-wretching and badass? I actually didn't played this oneshot surprisingly, probably because of busy schedules, but picking it up on my first route with Mitra isn't an issue at all, in fact, I simply get more intrigued. I find this little, would I say, immersive aspect really commendable. It feels like there is more to offer, not just romance options or anything, the detailed development really just gives me more to anticipate.

4. I can deal with minor grammar errors and so on. I am rather curious about Purba to be honest. While I get what might happened to him in the end, I do wish for a more in-depth hint for a more proper closure, maybe it's just me. Another thing might be the fact that how Rama just suddenly get back with the village in his route feels a bit too rushed and sudden, while it's fine but I'll certainly welcome more development in this. Oh, can I have a chibi gallery too? Haha, they are so adorable. Mitra could hopefully afford a bad end too, because it's Mitra. Let me just randomly comment that I really like Tamara's CG in the normal end. Yes, Yuda is very entertaining, Granny is also so understanding and-my goodness, my appreciation for this game may never end.

5. Definitely. I really like this one and I do look forward for the next one. I understand that you are currently working on another project so I'm really eagerly looking out and hoping to support or purchase it one day. Not anytime soon but as soon as I get over my student's phase, I look forward to.

Thank you for this wonderful piece of creation. If anything, I hope my humble comments may bring you some useful thoughts or at least, a pleasant read. A few words, indeed, I'm afraid even after all these I still cannot express how much I enjoyed this. Sincerely, thank you.