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Hello SweetChiel~ Thank you too.

Indeed. I still feel like I can go on and on about the entire, delightful experience. Rama is too unique yet sincere a character to look over in my case. I'm pretty sure he will continue to make his impression on me for a while even after the game. Regardless of the minor errors here and there, I really had a good time with this, so don't push yourself too hard. If anything, I'm really grateful for your best efforts. Rama's bad end is one of my favorites too. The other one will be somewhere in Reksa's route where he just smiled a moment in the cave after warming up to Tamara, I think. I'm truly humbled that my little comment can help you in anyway. Thank you for the kind offer, allow me to just drop my email ( I'll really be happy to be able to play this again with all the trading cards and improvements you made! Once again, thank you. I'll certainly continue to check out your new work(s) and support them in the near future!