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Hey! Yes, I am! Hope I'm not too late in replying. Do you want to get in touch through Discord? My @ is the same as my itch user if so!

THE MONSTER SCARED ME. Oh my god, what an effective use of SFX! The lack of music and very limited field of view really adds to the intensity of the experience. Love this! Great work!

I love the knockback animations. Love the detail of you growing smaller and smaller (well, decaying) when you get swarmed by the enemies. I had to check what the death looks like. Overall, very fun game! Adorable art! Great work.

I really like the concept!  Great use of SFX too! The music is very atmospheric, and really pulls me into this dying world. I thought the writing is also incredibly done in setting the tone of the story. My only complain here is the choice of font for the dialogue. They're a bit difficult to read, but other than that, great game! Well done!

i had a lot of fun playing this one! the puzzles were great and well thought out. the art and music's incredible!

i love how in the end everything becomes so quiet. i also love how the music slows down and colors fades to reflect the story's progression. the level design reflecting juice's struggles made it all even more emotional for me! great work!

very fun gameplay, had a blast wobbling around and yelling at people to BUY MY STUFF! also a painful reminder i can never get my password right. ever. great work!

oh my gosh! everything about this is SO incredibly well done and fun to play! i really love the charming character design and did AWW multiple times throughout the story. great interpretation of the theme! i had a blast. great work!

Hi, all! I may be a bit too late, but I'll shoot my shot anyway. I'm a writer with some editing experience under my belt, including editing a script for both a romance and horror visual novel. If anyone needs a script editor to join their team, I'd be interested to join!


I really liked your sound design reel! Are you still looking for people to team up with? If so, I'd be happy to chat through discord or anywhere we can chat!

honestly love that. thank u

Hi, all! I'm a writer wanting to get more narrative design experience under my belt with this jam. I'm looking to join or create a team! You can browse through my profile to look at the games I've made. If anyone's interested, feel free to let me know!

THIS IS SO COOL!!! as a moto hagio AND phantom of the opera enthusiast, this is EVERYTHING!!!

this is such a lovely little game! i saw that this was inspired by "where the wild things are" and i definitely get the same feeling and vibe! i love the design choice of putting significance in choosing the right items over just picking stuff up randomly.

i went through a couple of routes and MY GODDDD, there were parts that gutted me. i'm sure this story is one that hits close to home for many. man, it was tough trying to stomach through all the dehumanizing comments. the opening scene is sooo deliciously body horror i wish it lasted a little longer. i also adore this art style and it was incredible seeing how it plays out in the scenes where you try to make sense of your own face. overall, super cool game!!! thank you for breaking my heart!!!


the writing is IMMACULATE! and the atmospheric music is top-tier. you built the tension so well and i just love the bitterness of that ending. so good!

happy you enjoyed it! thank you for playing!

thank you so much for playing!!

ACA! thank you so much for playing and your comment!

oh my gosh, thank you for your very descriptive comment AND for playing! twisted as it sounds, i'm glad that it was able to evoke that sense of paranoia effectively. glad you enjoyed it!


oooo love the little spin animation you did to show the character's internal conflict! the colours, the art, the music. everything turns out super lovely and pretty. the line "a married daughter is like spilled water" felt like a punch in the gut. ;_;

thanks!! glad you enjoyed it!

This is such a lovely game! Despite its breathtaking atmosphere & soothingly gorgeous soundtrack, I'm mostly left choked to tears by the writing, especially as the story unravels itself. Everything about this is beautiful!