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Haha, didn't notice "Visit Poop Country" until you pointed to it :D

Thanks for the comments!

Great work! Pretty well balanced and creative game.

Great job! Really enjoyed the game, even if I couldn't get any city to be profitable :D

The mashup of sim city with a clicker is great for the jam but in the long run clicking so much to build everything will probably get tiring and hurt the game, which is really fun otherwise.

Thanks for the feedback.

You saw what there's to see mostly, the point of the game is clicking around to spawn creatures and then watch them interact with each other.

I understand the appeal of upgrades and progression but this is more of an aquarium thing, or if you want to go for score in "Time Attack" clicking a lot is the best way.

No need to apologize :D

Maybe I'll make a mode where it shifts more towards that clicker definition, with an upgrade progression to help the creatures' interactions. I'm getting some ideas :)

Nice concept! The "gameplay" ends quickly but the implementation around neural networks is great!

Good job, neat concept, too bad the music doesn't loop until exaustion :D

Good one! The concept is great and the execution is mostly there too, well done!

Great stuff! Love the look and sounds.

Simple and well implemented, I could see this working on an apple watch :D

@Jupiter Thanks, and glad you enjoyed it!

@LeFayGames Thank for playing!

I'm probably not picking this back up in the near future, besides UI and better controls, the whole balancing and level building would be a bigger commitment than I feel like making for it.

But I sure would love to play a new katamari :)

Reminded me that I need to play Katamari again, and that's pretty cool :) Good job!

@estlopez The game only supports xbox controller input.

Really cool game, moving people around could be easier but overall really cool!

Thank you, I knew I would fuck up somehow hehe

Should be fixed now :)

Thanks :)

Yea, that bug at the end comes for the scaling of the mass of the items. I used the rigid body's mass and tried to scale it progressively with what you were picking up but for some reason physics turn weird at a certain point hehe.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!