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Beautiful work!

Free to use! 😊

Can't wait to see what you come up with! 💖💖

This is super cute! I love the sign and hanging lamps the most. Well done. 😻💕

Haha, the spitting head has me rolling over here.

This looks awesome!

Beauitful work! :D

Hello! I'm Hatty! I've been working on asset packs.

These are made in blender and are made for importing into unity, or just making fun scenes in blender itself. 

(note: I am not a unity pro, I have just optimised texture sizes and scales etc for importing ⭐)

This free asset pack has 27 items, a few stacks of plates, barrels, a few tables and chair, and tankards!

Please have a look 💜😻 comments are appreciated! I am still learning itch.


Aw, thank you for the first comment here! Have a nice weekend! ♥

This looks super cute! I love the little wibble wobble the guy does!

SO CUTE. Now I wish I was making a fishing game to use these 😻💖 haha 

Well done as always!!

Hello! I can try a camel haha! 😭💖

These are just the material coloured in blender for ease, but it's not difficult to assign a texture if needed. 🌈

They said it'll be out on steam very soon its in the final stages. Achievements and stuff have been made, just waiting on an extra bit to the game I think. Also, if you buy it here you'll get the full on steam I believe, they'll send the key.