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The game looks interesting. I didn't have it on my radar so far.
Are you planning to upload the Linux version here on Itch, too?

A really fun game with a great art style. I also like the humor. In case you are interested, I've made a litte video in which I introduce your game:

Cool! Thanks a lot for the answer. <3

(Belated) congrats on the release! \o/
Is there as chance for a DRM-free, Steam-free release of the full game here on Itch?

Works perfectly! Thanks a lot! <3

The Linux Download for this release seems to be broken. The file can not be opened: "bzip2 data invalid: origPtr out of bounds". Can you please check the file and re-upload it. Thanks :)

I'd love to see the full game DRM-free and Steam-free on Itch.

Thank you for the feedback.

The default key bindings are provided by Pico-8. With the Enter-key you open it's pause menu, where you can rebind the keys to your liking/needs.

Dragging tiles as an alternative way to move them, as well as animations for the moves in general, is something I have still on my list, should I decide to make proper polished (or even rewritten in a different framework) after-jam release.

Thank you.

TBH Pico-8 has some limitations which I struggled with for this game. You named some. :D If I decide to do a polished post-jam release, I might rewrite it in Godot most likely.

Thank you.

The embeded webplayer works quite well on mobile davices. I've played it myself via Firefox on Android.

Runs via Proton or Wine/DXVK out of the box.

At the devs: Since the game uses Unity, a native port should be not such a big problem. If you want to give it a try, and you need testers/bughunters for that, I'm sure I'm not the only one willing to help. ;)

Congratulations on the release! Can't wait to play now. :)

A shame I didn't know about Rogue Empire before! It's a lot of fun, I really enjoy it! Also, thanks a lot for supporting Linux natively <3

I'm confused that the Steam version seems to be a bit newer than the download version here (1.0.16 vs. 1.0.17). I just hope you do not abandon the DRM-free version.

I also like that the game in general comes up with rather big and very good readable text. But in some parts the text is very small, and might be a problem to read for visually impaired players. Same for "right-click-icons", like Kick Door. Those are quite small. It would make the game a lot more accessible, if it would be possible to make the very small parts a bit bigger in a future update.

Since you announced a DLC on Steam; will it be available here as well, as DRM-free download?

Awesome! Thank you!

I don't think so, but I have not given up yet :)
I stopped where the green light appears that blinks alternately 2 times and 3 times.

It will happen. When the TriJam rating is over and a winner is announced, then I will upload the update I'm currently working on. It will bring mouse support, sound effects and even a basic level editor.

I had fun playing it. I hope that you continue this project.

An interesting idea. It took me a while to figure out what to do TBH.
Nicely done.

A nice idea! I struggled a bit in the beginning, but the tutorial made it clear.
It's Windows only, unfortunately. So I had to use Wine to run it, which worked out of the box.

I enjoyed playing your game. The idea to blend in the tutorial with the level is nice.
Good job!

A funny idea, well executed.
My only point of criticism is that it's Windows only. However, it runs on Linux via Wine out of the box.

Every token is unique. 5 different colors and 5 different values, makes 25 unique tokens. Their position on the 5x5 grid is fully randomized. However, people in my Discord found a starting condition which would make even the first move impossible. :)

A fun game. I like the voice acting.

It's fully random, so not guaranteed to be solvable.
However, I believe every starting condition should be solvable. ;)

Nice project

Works flawlessly on Manjaro (64 bit, Kernel 5.4.15, KDE Plasma 5.17.5, NVidia Prop. 430.64).

I would prefer to get the game here, instead of GOG or Steam.

It is possible that all 4 criteria are different. For example:
- 1 empty green circle
- 2 striped orange triangles
- 3 full purple rectangles
But those would be extremely hard to recognise. It's much easier, if at least one criteria is all the same:
- 1 empty green circle
- 2 striped orange circles
- 3 full purple circles

But they can not be all the same, simply because each card is unique.

Thank you for the feedback.

It can be a bit confusing, aggreed. So it counts seperately for each critereia, that it has to be all the same or completely different. For example, the cards can all have the purple color, all different number of symbols, the same shape and all different fillings. That would be a threesome.

The work on the game is not done yet. A tutorial of some might be a good idea.

Weired, there is no boot.lua called at all. Which LÖVE version did you use? Make sure it's 11.x (best 11.2).

Thanks for your answer. I'm happy to hear that.
Keep up the good work! <3

I enjoy playing Depth of Extinction, and I appreciate that you support Linux as target platform. Also, one of the reasons for me to support your game was that you offer a DRM-free build on Itch. Don't get me wrong, I wish you the best of luck with your Steam release. But I'm quite unhappy that you don't want to continue updating your Itch repository.

A Linux version would be awesome, especially when it would be available not only via Steam. Instabuy guaranteed ;)