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Where will this game be shipped from? Just so ppl can gauge shipping/tax

i get the "Problem generating a download link" when i do try to download the game, so i figure there may be a problem with the files? Either way, just wanted to let you know :)

Oooh good idea, even if i have no idea how to do game design at all. Ill figure it out.. for the milf Frigg we all deserve.

Oh yearh it absolutely makes sense! I always find it to be a bit of a shame when Frigg is left out cause she's the other side to Odin, just as knowledgable but also knows the value of uh,,, restraint. Which aint all that good necessarily for games, absolutely, but i find her rlly interesting. And it also let ppl see that Odin is a huuuuge creep abt women, specifically to Freya. But anyway, thank u for the reply it was super interesting to read!

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Hey, scandinavian here, firstly big fan of your work generally also thank u for making it clear that nazi's aint welcome. They worm their way into everything old norse and its the fcking worst.

edit; Im curious, is it out of streamlining-reasons you have merged Frigg, odins wife, and Freya?

im having the same issue as previous commenters, never bringing the knife but still having it on me on the third visit. Other than that the game was really interesting!

Its more that as a lesbian i have very few choices here, whereas ppl who are into dudes have four.

Is there any chance you'd introduce more wlw options?