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pw: CyberPunk

PS. Press Z to zoom in, press C to zoom out

pw: CyberPunk

pw: CyberPunk

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CyberPunk + Cold + On a Train

pw: Gems

Ooops! I also just updated the old link!

PW: Gems

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McCree: "I have a ball too!"

This is beautiful!

Hi, Runy here!


Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad you enjoy it. I am sorry that there's no an English version and there're still some bugs, we are working on it and a better version will come out soon!

A fantastic and imaginary game with the aesthetic of ambiguity. I guess it's about the world in the eye of a psychic illness patient. If that is true, it's thoughtful of you to conceive an insight different than normal people, and It works very well. The problem is that some places are clueless,  like at the beginning, you cannot do anything before you get an instructions otherwise the game will not progress. It seems a little contradict with the fact that players are so enthusiastic to explore the world as they just enter the game.

A game makes me laugh out of my ass. With cute art and funny gameplay. I really love the idea to use sheep to build a bridge. That's creative. But it seems that the sudden game over at the beginning is not necessary, it's not that relating to the overall story or gameplay. (No more da mao xian)

The art is really beautiful and the audio works well in representing the after-dead world. I played the full game again after the class and walked over every corner to admire the breathtaking scene. Also the trick to use mushrooms to make stars surprised me - a very thoughtful design.  The game will be perfect if the bug that talking to the king and queen simultaneously makes caption chaos is fixed - cuz it really happens at a high chance.