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I have a lucid dream where I coded a video game 30 years ago in C that was based on ai ..... thanks for reminding me that this actually happened.

thanks for taking an interest in my first C game project from 30 years ago.

You are correct in describing the entire game as an alpha-gameplay experiment that wasn't a 100% success, as i mention in the blog.

as for cheating, just select an 'easier' galactic map setup:medium map, more planets, uncheck advanced aliens. spend all your time collecting artifacts from moons for the first half hour of game play. launch 20 fleets to accomplish this. do not go to war with more than a couple aliens at a time...and use espionage. lots of espionage and propaganda to collapse the large enemy empires!

This game is super hard. I have beat this game many times, but then again i designed it ... :)

The latest version includes DOSBOX that just runs automatically. Sorry for the delay in addressing this issue.

Guntruck Patrol Demo is a hardore gameplay prototype based on networked physics and  zero-player AI. Releasing today on It is developed by a single programmer ( Harntrox ) who also happened to write the sound engine for Everquest way back in 1999. Of course it has its own custom sound engine. And a custom AI engine written from scratch using the old 'bread and butter' book on Amazon.

This game is designed to strike fear into the hearts of players by creatively using an AI-managed Area Denial System to hunt them down as secure various objectives in a coop PvE environment.  Of course, the server host is completely in control of the parameters of the Area Denial System....and can even join the enemy team as their commander!