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Hello StygianMongrel,

Save data are located here : C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\HarmonieGames\Desktop Dinosaurs

Normally your old save should work on the new version. What issue do you have ?

Hello Sheepofliberty,

Sorry to ear you still have the issue. For now there is 2 way to fix your problem:

  1. You sell your egg and buy a new one in the shop.
  2. You delete the save file “dinosaurs”, it’s located at: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\HarmonieGames\Desktop Dinosaurs

Hello HotsauceMiku & Schiraki,

I just released a new version 1.4.1 to correct this bug. You can now click on a poop and it should be cleaned.

Hello me1soup

Can you try to install the game through the itchio app ? MacOs block seems to block the game install for security reason and using itchio app resolve the issue.

Hello Autumnstoat,

Can you try to install the game through the itchio app ? MacOs block seems to block the game install for security reason and using itchio app resolve the issue.

Vraiment très sympa ! tu m’as eu avec la vibe Super Mario Bros. 2, Bravo !

Hello steveyg,

Do you try to Launch the game on Windows or Mac ? Can you describe the error you get ?

Hello shotgunbourbon,

Thanks for the kind words, I hope you T-Rex will live a long and happy life!

To change screen, windows has a shortcut for this, when you launch the game press: ⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + → right arrow or ⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + ← left arrow.

Hello, sorry I don’t know this game so I can’t answer your question.

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Hello, it should not append. Can you please tell me what Windows version you are using ?

Hello, sorry for that, I have not heard this feed-back. If you’ré not satisfied or don’t want to try out the next version you can ask for a refund to by following their documentation :

Hello TheBonePope,

I’m sorry to ear your friend encounter this type of issue. I haven’t heard this type of bugs until today, even with dual screen setups. Do you know if the 2 are black or just one ?

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Hello Goose, I’m really pleased you love the game :)

Here you can find the wallpaper pattern from the trailer :

Hello Trayand,

Sorry for late response, I was in holidays.

Eggs tale 1h to hatch, except for the first one which hatch in 10min.

Some had a bug with egg hatching. I fixe à lot of thing in next update, including add a hatch Time display.

Next update will ne release in september.

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Hello Gadetroch, sorry for late response, I was in holidays. No Linux is planes for now, sorry :/

Thanks for your feedbacks, I will try to improve player unboarding in further updates.

Thanks for your support, I will check for the click trough game menu issue.

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Hello Tarcax,

I think we can do this, but it probably only available for fullscreen mode.

Nevertheless, can you tell what resolution do you have ?

Hello, in fact the game isn’t available on android or IOS. To get a refund you need to contact itchio support, all is explained here.

Hello, sorry to ear that, some people had the same issue but when they use the itchio app it fixe the issue.

Hello the mexican ninja,

Thanks a lot for your complete feedbacks!

I’m glad you like the game and thank you for your patience and your kind words :)

Hello Amayapuppy, there is no discord at the moment. If one day a discord is create you will received an email with the acces.

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Hello Slemhosta, the first egg should hatch after 10min. Other eggs should hatch after 1 hour. If it take more time, it’s a bug. Try to sell it and rebuy it, sorry.

Sorry for the very late response, you won’t get steam key for free for buying the game on

This was a limited offer for 2021 buyers sorry. But steam release is on the way this month :)

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Hello AshePendragon, thanks for rizing this issue, in fact in doesn’t happen all the time but I manage to reproduce, I’m working on fixing this.

Game positon

The time being, you can still proceed has follows to fix temporarily the issue :

  • unlock the windows bar by right clicking on the windows bar like this:

  • then change the size of the bar and change it back, like this:

Change screen

The configuration to change screen didn’t seems to work very well, I disable it for now. But windows let you it very easely by pressing: ⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + → right arrow or ⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + ← left arrow.

I hope it helps.

Hello Sheepofliberty, I didn’t reproduce the issue, is it still happening ?

Hello, You’re right, the price will now depend of the number of Dinosaur ’ present. Thanks for your feedback.

Hello, yes it is, all buyers until end of 2021 will receive a steam key.

Hello, nice idea I adding this to the next release.

Hello good question :) 

  • L size plants have a capacity of 1 500 food for 500 gold
  • M size plants have a capacity of 1 000 food for 300 gold
  • S size plants have a capacity of 500 food for 200 gold

So in fact it's a better deal to buy 1 L plant than 3 S plants.

It will not, I will add meet to the game, but in futur update you will be able to make it evolve to eat plants :)

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Hello, I just put a version x86 and x64 of the current version of the game, using different version has resolve some problem for some people. Can you try it ?

Nevertheless in the new version shaders used to render Dinosaurs has been changed, it may be corrected.

Yes, absolutly. You will access all new versions and updates for free.

Thanks for the kind words :)

You're not the first to raised this issue, I will try to resolve this.

Hello, the mac version isn't available for now. The current version works only on Windows.

But MacOs version will arrive in december.

I'm so happy to ear this :3. How old is your son ? Mine is 3 and he inspire me a lot when I was doing the design of the dinosaurs.

You can tell him I work hard to release the update at the end of year.

Hello Victor, sorry it's not planed for now, but linux support will come.

To apologies for the steam release delay, I will extend the steam key gift for all buyers in 2021. All will be explain in a upcoming news post.

Hello DragonFilms, first of all thank you for your interest :)

I had to delay the steam release because I can't launch the game as early access because is already out here, on So the game should be fairly complete before the release to Steam.

Now that said, I'm currently developing the next big release, should be finished in the next weeks and then release on For the steam release, the date has been set to December 31th, because Steam need to verify the game first, which could take few weeks.

I will soon write a newsletter on the itch page, to explain all of this and the content of the new release.

Sorry for the delay, I do my best to release the best game as soon as possible.