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Sorry you found the game too difficult, I was afraid it could be too easy :s

Thank you for your kind words on game feel and art ! I have spotted issues with collisions, but didn't had time to fixe it, sorry for that :(

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I'm sorry you found the game too difficult, I have only 7 level and was afraid to be too easy so I have make some very difficult ones.

Thank you for your encouragements, I'm super happy you love the concept and artistic part. I will make some adjustements to improve the game, thanks for your feed back, I've implemented the music on the rush.

J'arrive un peu tard, mais je trouve l'idée cool !

Thanks Kathryn, it's always fun to see people playing my games :) I'm on other project for now, but I will continue Kody in near futur because, like you, I think the gameplay is pretty cool ! Once again, thanks for the let's play !

Yes I tried but didn't worked :( I will test this on PC.

Hello, I pressed ctrl + 1 but it didn't worked :( I'm on mac laptop so I don't have numerical keypad. Are you aware of such issue ?

Ok go for :

- Alien World

- Fairy land

- Gravity

Maybe the theme could be less precise, like : A hero have to save the princess. It could fit sort of game. What do you think ? Because if you have no theme, there is no real point to do a jam for me.