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you should try an explosion build, explosive auto shooting bullets, combined with upped explosion damage, and explosion during and after block. Combine this with 250% chance to create a new explosion after a explosion and i killed the final boss before its first attack. (if you want, you can make a semi explosion and summon build, it is so fucking fun

you should have recepie sync between this game and artificer, as it can become tedious to explore every recipie in this game when the stakes are so high

you are not in a costume, which you need to be, they are just making you follow the rules by taking you inside their costume. You are one of them in their eyes, just without the suit

i got a time of 1:30, try to beat it

the animatronics never wanted to harm the player, get the fucking story right. Great game tho

Capitalism are also flawed in reality, both work great on paper, but the problems arise when people use the system for their own personal gain. The USSR was flawed in many ways but I still belive in a communistic society. This is because the current capitalistic society allows people to disregard people like my parents that were workers and being underpaid and exploited by the system. Capitalism does not work either

can't select controls, and is just given an error

Please make this a full game

you have to inuperate the symbols on the board to get context on the stones meaning

That is the whole point, it is very vauge and it is your inturpretation that matters

Please keep working on this and make a full steam release. Also maybe add some more levels like a level with two or three or eaven maybe four opponents. And maybe allied ships. There is no end to this. Please make a full game

I can really understand that and i havent competed in a game jam so i cant really put myself in your prespective but i just wanted to say that i really like it

Please make some more enemies and an endless mode

Super fun but please make it so you dont need to complete the into every time. It is also very hard so please make a easy mode.

really good game, but add some more obstacles

Great game, but it kinda feels like cheat when you can just plug one of the characters into their plug to get the other character to move