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Good but takes too long to move forward in the game

Really good and cute clicker, I really want to see how it's going to evolve.

It's a very good game ! But now I have only one employe that does everything because she has a 1sec cooldown lol
Do you plan to had anything to the game ?

I'm happy now, thank you.

I would love to win at least once after playing so much...

I also use Firefox !After the download, it just show a black screen....

I loved it ! Was a bit buggy tho... But loved it ! ♥

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Very frustrating. I hated it.
5 stars.

Edit : I have to explain that I actually really liked it, because my humor is... weird... y'know...

Great game ! Made it to wave 4 lol, the speedy guys was the death of me. Since I have a azerty keyboard, dashing was quit hard and I had to use the arrow keys. So, impossible to dash lol.
If I may suggest something, why not make the dash on right click ? Since the shooting is on the left click.
But great and cute game !

I can't play it on browser...

Liked it ! 
We have a very short time to answer tho lol
And too bad we don't have the answer when we are wrong, so that we can learn from our errors !

Amazing !

Oh ! You actually watch all the thing ? Ha ha, thank you ! That's very nice of you ! ♥

You game was truely interesting. The graphisms, the story, the gameplay... I have nothing to complain ha ha. I hope that you're going to have a lot of popularity, because it deserves it !

PS : Ha ha.... Thank god it ended when it did tho ha ha...

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Here is the stream !

Edit : I noticed at the end that I was hidding the most important feature of the screen i'm very mad at myself ha ha...
But other that my magnificent massive brain not able to think and makign almost every characters die lol it was a fantastic game ! I really loved it from begninning to end ! The design, the music, the gameplay... Everything was absolutely amazing ! I especially loved the quests ! For a tower defense to have quests is not common and I think adding that was so great !

I just found one bug during my gameplay, it was at 02:08:00, when Wakana dead, on the "end of the day" screen everything was... different lol Maybe I was cursed by the spiders but I do not think so lol

That's so cute of you ha ha, I think I'll stream it maybe tomorrow or the day after ! It depends if I can control myself or not. Because damn your game is so pretty I want to play it sooooo much ha ha

Hi hello ! I'm very interested in your game, but I have a tiny bitty question, Can i stream the game on Twitch ? I'm a tiiiiiny streamer so I'm not gonna bring people to the game but I still want to stream it ha ha

Good but too long I think. It became boring to wait for new upgrade. But still it still a good idea

Oh ! Perfeect ! Thanks lol !

Hey ! Is there a qay to put the game in english ?

Hope everything goes well !

I actually don't really know but we could be able to had humains... Minerals... Stuff like this ?

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I wanted to make everybody happy. But this was not an option.

Edit : I lied. Love saved us all.

Mmmh... I would say more possibility to create combos ? 

Cool small game ~

Lol, first thing I did was flooding the map lol.
But it was fun for some minutes ~

Very good small game ! ♥
I really liked it.
Just small bad point, the game gave memotion sickness ? I guess ? Because my brain didn't like the fact that the character was going around the planet lol.
But I had great fun anyway ha ha

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I'll happily join the discord ! And thanks for the answers !
I was not able te replicate the bug for the [ ] thingy but yeah.... A option to rebind keys would be wonderful !

And I'm quite excited about the weather system......... It's going to be so great lol.

For the character creation tool, it was actually a question from a friend. She really liked you engine but she was kinda sad that she was not able to customise her own character. She saw the game has a player point of view and not a GM pov. So of course she would like to put time into her character more than the map.

And if I create a better map that I have I would ! lol (I have only created a "date" map between two skeletons to test the game lol)

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I LOVE this projet ! But at the same time my friends and I have SOO many questions ha ha So if you don't mind i'm gonna bombarde you with it lol...

1. Is there going to me a "night" time of the day ? Because I don't seems to be able to have one (or I couldn't see it, which could be true too)

2. Since it's an alpha, I have no idea if it possible but is there going to me a character creating tool for the players ?

3. I seems to have a ploblem with the "[" "]" part, I was able to minimize the size of the consol but couldn't make it bigger anymore, It is stuck being small ? (I have an azerty keybord), is it a bug or am I being dumb ? lol

Thanks again for you work ! I'm gonna follow closesly your work !

I see the potential, really, but I had a couple of bugs !
1. When I destroyed the houses of the villagers I couldn't put them in new houses, the option when I clicked on him wasn't appearing !
2. Sometime, and I don't know why, when I wanted to put the villagers into "work" other than fishing and cutting wood, I couldn't seems to click on the smithering house or lumberjack house.

But really, I like the concept, a lot ! ♥ Keep up the good work ! ♥