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Here is the stream !

Edit : I noticed at the end that I was hidding the most important feature of the screen i'm very mad at myself ha ha...
But other that my magnificent massive brain not able to think and makign almost every characters die lol it was a fantastic game ! I really loved it from begninning to end ! The design, the music, the gameplay... Everything was absolutely amazing ! I especially loved the quests ! For a tower defense to have quests is not common and I think adding that was so great !

I just found one bug during my gameplay, it was at 02:08:00, when Wakana dead, on the "end of the day" screen everything was... different lol Maybe I was cursed by the spiders but I do not think so lol

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I just finished watching all the way through - your commentary was so entertaining! :D

I’m so touched you loved playing so much. Thank you so much for sharing <3

PS: It’s actually quite rare to play through first time with no game overs - you played so well!

Oh ! You actually watch all the thing ? Ha ha, thank you ! That's very nice of you ! ♥

You game was truely interesting. The graphisms, the story, the gameplay... I have nothing to complain ha ha. I hope that you're going to have a lot of popularity, because it deserves it !

PS : Ha ha.... Thank god it ended when it did tho ha ha...