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Haha :D

Hey! I just found a possible solution! Someone said that on Catalina, Steam is already seen as "trusted" so apps on Steam can run! If you have Steam send me an email happysnakegames(at) and I can send you a code? 

If you don't use Steam don't worry, we can keep searching for another solution :D

QT community · Posted in Mac Dork

Hi Dylan,

Thank you so much for buying QT you are awesome!

Sorry that it didn't run, that is a real problem. The mac build should be 64 bit, was there any error message/ information when you tried to run it?

Unfortunately too I'm without my computer until Monday, but hopefully we can fix it without a new export.

I'm going to ask on Twitter if if anyone else has tried to run on Catalina.

Very sorry it didn't run, will fix this all asap.

- Happy Snake x

YAY!!!! Oh wow that is fantastic, I'm so glad it worked out!!!!

Not sure if I'd be able to do that but damn such a lovely thing for you to say <3 <3 <3

Thank you so so much for playing! You are awesome ABelliqueux!!!! :D

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I don't seem to be able to find any other alternatives if what leafo said didn't work but I'll keep my snake eyes out / if they add other payment options to itch or something :)

It's okay HelplessSorrow! I'm gonna keep adding to the game, so whenever you get round to playing it, it will be even more awesome :D

Hey! Thank you so much, such a lovely message and I'm so happy you are enjoying them :D <3 <3 <3

Hey teddyras! Finding the friends is super hard but it sounds like you are doing a great job so far!

Do you have Discord? If so you can swing by and ask as some people have figured everything out :D ( If not let me know and I'll try and help you on here :)

That's awesome, thank you leafo · ◡ ·

Hey ABelliqueux! Thank you for trying to buy the game!

Before I look into other options, do you want to buy the game on Steam? You can pay with card on there :)

If not just let me know :)

- Happy Snake

QT community · Posted in c:

Haha ahhhh this is so cute and awesome thanks for letting me know BeenieBomb! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


hey uploaded now :D

it's in the settings and you have to click "restart" after changing the setting :)

note: it also doesn't work in the train at the start of KOUEN but does everywhere else :)

QT community · Posted in · ◡ ·

haha there is dude

Hey EMCL! I totally figured it out!!!

Uploading it with version 1.9, which will be today or tomorrow :)

hey! I haven't been able to work it out today, but I'll keep trying for the next update!

Hey! For the first person camera? I'll look into that today and get back to you :)

QT community · Created a new topic UPDATES
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Update with full Japanese language is coming tomorrow <3

(about 10am GMT)


Version 1.5 is out on all platforms :)

You bet!!! That was the QT (demo) and now QT the full 3 part game is out :DDDDDDD

Haha thank you!

Thank you!

ROGO community · Replied to GregO_O in Problem

This is fantastic, I'm so happy it's running!!! Thank YOU for the support :D

ROGO community · Replied to GregO_O in Problem

Yeah ROGO was made in GameMaker so maybe that has something to do with it.

I've emailed you the Steam key, hope it works out! Let me know :)

ROGO community · Replied to GregO_O in Problem

Mm I can't work out why this could be happening. If deleting and re-downloading the game doesn't work perhaps I could send you a Steam key as it might run fine through that? If that's a solution email me "" and I'll send you one.

If not though, I did find some information on this error message (which I've never seen before). It might be because you are running 32 bit version of Windows? I'm not sure why this would be a problem however as ROGO should run on both.

Sorry for the long solve, I hope we can get it working soon :) Thanks for your patience

ROGO community · Posted in Problem

Oh no! Sorry to see this!

What version of Windows are you running? Did the game ever run, or is this the first time booting and it failed?

Hey! The music is amazing! I'll link this on Twitter to the musicians and ask them to come in here and comment :D

As for the Bandcamp release I will also ask them as that would be super cool!

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying the game by the way <3

hey Irina, what writing? :D

ROGO community · Created a new topic ACHIEVEMENTS

Hey! So everyone likes achievements and I don't want people to miss out on the ones on steam so I've made a list of them below and a pop-up thing comes up in game with the achievement name when you get it :D

Sorry there isn't a tracker for the achievements in-game or anything but hopefully this is fun anway

Thank you so much APiotrW! This means a lot to me! :)

Hi Torfi, I've written the tutorial to be up to date with the game, you can read it on the game page in the game description :)

I also uploaded another VIDEO because I thought it might help more to see the game actually being played.

It would be great to hear what you have trouble with learning as the game has changed a lot since the first feedback session. 


Hey Torfi! Thanks so much for playing, and for saying about this!

I'll have a tutorial and video up for you today :D