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It makes me sad that the routes cannot be played in the demo- I was sooo looking forward for it! I already have three favourite routes (although, I cannot lie, how CAN I CHOOSE EVEN ONE???).

This has been a great experience so far, so keep up the good work and I hope you can keep updating!

The game is pretty simple and straightforward imo, to be true to yourself. Although the introduction seemed rushed, I get the gist of everything and can properly tell what makes Cathy a person she is now. It's nice.

Great one!

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I accidentally found this game while I was looking through the Otome tag. Frankly I'm suprised because I have never expected Jungkook's face to be there! Haha

The dialogues are funny, and I laughed hard at Jungkook's "I don't give a shit" because I thought it was a clever pun... at least I assume you purposely put them there... right..? Haha! 

What makes me sad is that the maknaes are younger than me when irl I'm actually younger than them. It feels weird but because the story is fun I forgive that haha.

The thing is, there is a bug maybe. I tried refreshing the game two times but it still happened. Right when Ans stroked Taehyung's hair and told him he's cute, Tae's picture wearing hoodie appeared but there is nothing inside the dialogue box. So I could not continue the game.

Anyhow it's a good attempt haha, I was amused. Good job!

Alright, thank you for the suggestion!

Hello! I'm wondering if there is an order or sequence to play the game?

I mean, whose route should I play first, whose should I play second, last.

Thank you!


I was drowning in the sea of emotions. This was totally different from Ciel, where you get to choose between three boys. This is more to story-telling. I love it of course, because it was so funny. I love good humour.

What I know is that I seriously ship Anholly and Seihuo. I love Anholly for bein strong. But holding things in can be a burden as well. 

I'm sorry I can't say much, I should've write this right after I play but I was in the middle of things and stuffs so, yeah.

But seriously, I love you for making my day. I really had a good laugh with the puns, with how Riov, Seihuo, Anholly and Veltaire act around each other. 

Thank you very much and I'll be anticipating Iris <3

Also, I forgot to add that I certainly LOVE the characters! They are all so beautiful T___T so perfect. Oh dear.


I just finished (FINALLY) playing all the routes in Magical Otoge Ciel and I gotta say, I had a really good laugh while playing this game! I'm super grateful that I found this game on Steam, decided to download it mainly because of your beautiful art (in which I really adore) and the description. 

I completed Florien > Anton > Yvin route and I was quite disappointed that Yvin's route was short but hey I understood that he wasn't suppose to be there, so it's okay, I'm glad you decided to put him in the game because I was so happy. How did you even think of all those witty dialogues and puns?????? I'm so down for it I cried laughing, Especially his part while meeting the King. His remarks was what makes the scene a whole lot funnier!

I absolutely love the dinner extra too. Of course out of the three character Anton > Yvin > Florien when actually it's more like Anton VS Yvin because if Anton + Yvin is like my dream man HAHAHAH okay. Florien is indeed precious don't be sad kid. I still love you.

I just can't - I really love this game like it really made me clutch my heart a lot of times esp on Anton's and Yvin's route because I'm being bias ugh but really. The whole story is A++. I had so much fun. Every dialogues, lines are funny and witty. Thank you so much for taking your time to make this and bless you for your kindness. I really love the stories. I am going to play your other two VNs! I'm glad I'm on the right track because I found MO Ciel first. Again, thank you so much!!!