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I accidentally found this game while I was looking through the Otome tag. Frankly I'm suprised because I have never expected Jungkook's face to be there! Haha

The dialogues are funny, and I laughed hard at Jungkook's "I don't give a shit" because I thought it was a clever pun... at least I assume you purposely put them there... right..? Haha! 

What makes me sad is that the maknaes are younger than me when irl I'm actually younger than them. It feels weird but because the story is fun I forgive that haha.

The thing is, there is a bug maybe. I tried refreshing the game two times but it still happened. Right when Ans stroked Taehyung's hair and told him he's cute, Tae's picture wearing hoodie appeared but there is nothing inside the dialogue box. So I could not continue the game.

Anyhow it's a good attempt haha, I was amused. Good job!