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I'm glad you enjoyed playing it! :D

Right now, motivation decays at about 10 per successful task and can hit around 20+ for failing. I'm assuming that performance results are extremely dependent on motivation so that having anything less than 90 makes things a lot worse than they should be.

There can be a number of ways to approach this:

  • Make the motivation decay per task lower. That way, the player can get more done without having to do a vacation after each task.
  • Or make motivation have less on the actual result. I don't know what's a good number for that.
  • Or make the more expensive vacations cheaper. Right now, it costs 250 to do a week vacation for +10 motivation, but 700 to do a week vacation for +20. I understand that time is of the essence, but it's almost 300% the cost for just 200% the returns.
  • Or put some objects that the player can buy into the office that reduces motivation decay so that after finishing each work, they're more likely to want to do more (something you see that happens in Google offices).
  • Or make it so that if you do better than the objective score on a task, you get far less motivation decay.

Maybe some of these are already in the game, but I haven't been able to play it enough to see if they are. Overall, I just want to say that you did a good job with the game thusfar and I'm looking forward to the end result! You've gained a follower out of me!

I did this and made it through. Thanks for the tip! However, I think the fact the game has to be played like this is a sign that there's some balancing needed. :(

Are there any good starting tips for this game? It feels like once I get to the third feature, the game becomes a downward spiral of bills and and debt while contract work never pays me in full, leading me to my eventual doom.

Excellent work on this game! The battle system is absolutely fun to play through. I also love the amount of customization you can do in the game, too. Even managing your party outside of battle is just as much fun as being in battle itself. Awaiting the final release for sure!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy playing it! :D

Thank you!

I love it!