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Thank you for your encouragement! I’ll definitely explore the mechanics further after the jam! And perhaps a happy ending when reaches certain score ;)

Thank you! Glad you liked the idea :)

Thanks for playing! Agree with your suggestion on the difficulty :)

I'm glad you liked it! Definitely will explore this idea a bit futher

Thank you! That's a great suggestion. Similar to what you said, I actually thought about making some collectables inside the blocks and do a match 3 to collect them. Definitely will try out those different mechanics.

Maybe there could even be a happy ending after reaching a certain score. Thank you for playing :)

Thanks for playing! "IJKL" sounds like a good idea, also makes the right-hand control more symmetrical to the left hand

Thank you. Tetris is the first few things that came to my mind about “joined together “

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked my art :)

Thank you for the comment. I was thinking the bats are like the opposite coins, you squish them to get points. I do wish I had more time on this. The bats are actually almost added last second.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! I’ll keep improving it :)

Hey there. Thank you for your comment! It definitely could have some difficulty curves :)

Thank you for playing my game!

Hey there! Thank you for your honest feedback. Yeah at first I thought it's a good idea to "join Tetris blocks together to make a path way" but realized so many challenges to address in the middle of the jam. Maybe there is a way to make it but I just didn't find it. 🤷‍♂️

Hey! Thank you for the feedback. Yeah I agree the control is a little complicated. Maybe I could have made the control more focused on the blocks, and have less or no control on the princess. Or the other way around

Thank you for your comment :) I agree, perhaps player can dodge virus particles at the same time. 

Awesome video! Thank you for playing my game :) I think it's a great idea, a random mask style for each slap, or different masks can be unlockable skins! 

Thank you :)


Hello. Just want to let you know that I just fixed the constant screen shake effect. Check it out maybe :)

Hi there. I again looked to your comment and relized I got the wrong idea of what you were saying (I thought you didn't like the screen shake, my bad). However some players told me the screen shake feels noxious and unwell, so I decided to fixed it anyways and want to let you know. It was a tough choice because I liked the screen shake too, and I thought the effect fits the intensive music :)

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Hey @LetterAfterZ! I just fixed the screen shake. Thank you for your feedback :)

Yes! But didn't know until after I posted my game someone told me. It's epic!

Awesome videos man! Subscribed! 

Oops, my bad. Thank you for your comment :3

Hi there, here's my game. Give it a try :)

Thank you :) 

Thank you for playing! I agree with you about the screen shake part, maybe not the best idea. Thanks for the feedback though

I thought the screen might fits the kinda intense music, but it might be something I need to reconsider. Thank you for the feedback :) 

Thank you for the compliments! 87 is pretty impressive I think! 

Thank you. I'm proud of that effect :) 

Thanks man! Glad you like it!

Here's my game Extra Care. It's super simple, but I hope you like it.

Haha, he's the only guy with a red face :). Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing. I'm glad you like it :)

Thank you!

I wish so too XD

Thank you, I'm glad you like it

Thank you. It gives a sence of impact