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Great game! im a unity game dev, it's nice to see someone actually putting out a polished and not ugly game, the internet is filled with those, this is awesome, really enjoyed playing it :) thanks! waiting for some maps. can i join the team? i can do 3D modelling, thanks! my email is

AnyGameGameJam community · Created a new topic Hi Gajos!

Hi, could I please push the start of the game jam by a day or two, I would like to get a few more competitors, there are already two, hope you all enjoy it! 

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yeah sure, i don't mind, here's the link, , Thanks!

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just a topic to introduce yourself,  if anyone has tips for others then please post them here, good luck!

i recently created a game jam, but it does not show up with the other game jams.

Hi, i have improved my game alot, please download it and try it again, Thanks!

i found out that your a 13yr old Dev, I'm a 12yr old :) on a course on VR by Pablo farias Navarro on Zenva, it's on sale now, I really recommend it to beginners, Thanks!

Why didn't anyone else submit?

So i saw that you wrote winners get access to all games in the game jam, but can't the people who are not winners get access? because I would love to see others creations, also should we upload the apk or the project?

so since this is my first game jam, i don't know how the clock here works, so i have to submit tuesday right? i mean do i have to submit after the clock finishes?

i was wondering if using a Bluetooth xbox like controller is allowed, since that opens up many more possibilities for VR development, Thanks!

also I'm using cardboard.