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Great game! im a unity game dev, it's nice to see someone actually putting out a polished and not ugly game, the internet is filled with those, this is awesome, really enjoyed playing it :) thanks! waiting for some maps. can i join the team? i can do 3D modelling, thanks! my email is

Hi, sorry for the super late reply, the Unity engine is capable of amazing graphics, their are so many bad games made with unity because its free for everyone and easy to use, so most people don't really know how to use the engine properly and get good graphics + models and stuff, I'm a unity game dev and this is what i got from unity:

AnyGameGameJam community · Created a new topic Hi Gajos!

Hi, could I please push the start of the game jam by a day or two, I would like to get a few more competitors, there are already two, hope you all enjoy it! 

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yeah sure, i don't mind, here's the link, , Thanks!

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just a topic to introduce yourself,  if anyone has tips for others then please post them here, good luck!

i recently created a game jam, but it does not show up with the other game jams.

Hi, i have improved my game alot, please download it and try it again, Thanks!

i found out that your a 13yr old Dev, I'm a 12yr old :) on a course on VR by Pablo farias Navarro on Zenva, it's on sale now, I really recommend it to beginners, Thanks!

Why didn't anyone else submit?

So i saw that you wrote winners get access to all games in the game jam, but can't the people who are not winners get access? because I would love to see others creations, also should we upload the apk or the project?

so since this is my first game jam, i don't know how the clock here works, so i have to submit tuesday right? i mean do i have to submit after the clock finishes?

i was wondering if using a Bluetooth xbox like controller is allowed, since that opens up many more possibilities for VR development, Thanks!

also I'm using cardboard.