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You don't have to do anything - Virus checkers will often flag game installers as viruses (because they have to mess with your system registry to install the game). As long as that is definitely the file you downloaded from, it is safe and you can tell the checker to ignore it. Of course, to do that you have to trust me when I say that it's safe, so that decision is up to you! But why wouldn't you trust an inflatable dog?

I just googled the code you provided and there's a good example of the issue here . That's not to say it can't also mean a real problem, which it can, but it does pop up with game installers, especially ones that are not super popular. When a million people buy your game, these issues tend to get cleared up fast! is here! You can of course continue to enjoy the free version here on, but if you want some special new Steam-only features (or you just want to prove your true dedication to the Dumb Club), you can buy it there for $9.95. It adds workshop support to make handling add-ons much easier, full controller support and Steam Deck, achievements, cloud saves, and other little niceties.

Thanks, I think it's fixed now.

I'm afraid there are no CDs to buy, unless maybe you look on eBay or ask a friend who owns one!

I think Dr. L came out in 2000, but that is almost 1998. Also, Spooky Castle came out first, and in fact according to the Wiki, it came out in 1998!

You should be able to get around that by running in windowed mode, put "window" at the end of the command line in a shortcut (like "c:\program files\stockboy\stockboy.exe window" for example).  It will be in a little window then, but it should work! It seems your video card doesn't want to do 640x480x256 color mode.

It should give that error if it actually can't put your video card into 640x480x256, which I seem to recall WAS something I encountered years ago - some video cards are just too fancy for such a thing. Can't imagine why that would impede windowed mode though. The good news is that you shouldn't have that problem with Supreme WIth Cheese if you want to play that. The bad news is I'm not sure how to fix it for Kid Mystic beyond the things you have tried. Someone else might have an idea? For the most helpful people, check out our discord (link on my website on the About page), where the real knowledgeable people sit.

Click on Profile, then on Configure Keys!

Weapon Lock doesn't do that, it prevents you from picking up weapons which will replace your existing weapon (it "locks" you to your current "weapon"!). It sounds like you have some kind of rogue input. Maybe a gamepad that's laying under your desk with a button pressed? Although if he doesn't start throwing until you hit a button, that's not it. Or accessibility features - I believe there is a windows feature that will make CTRL and SHIFT be toggles instead of holds. Whatever the cause, I'd start by going into key config and changing the key for weapons to something else and see if that resolves it.

Hey, I've played it! Couldn't tell you my record but I'm sure it's longer than yours.

Just download the game and you'll find the song files right there!

You need to buy it in the Spismall. I don't remember which store it's in, and the stores change their stock each time you reload the world... so shop around! There's a lot of other good stuff in there too.

Right click on the shortcut to the game, choose "Properties" and the line Target will look something like this: ["C:\Program Files\Amazin\Amazin.exe"]. Add the word window to the end of that line, after a space. If that line is in quotation marks like my example, you want to be outside the quotation marks. So you end up with: ["C:\Program Files\Amazin\Amazin.exe" window]. Then hit OK and it should work!

Of course your actual folder names will vary, don't change what you have.

It's not likely, I like to do new things (I did remake Robot Wants It All though). Sequels maybe.   There's not a lot of order to anything, other than the numbered serieses where you can guess the order! They do have release dates listed though if you want to see them in the order they came out (doesn't seem like allows you to sort by that though).

yeah, I believe v8.0 doesn't have that issue!

There's not really an engine. Just made from scratch. Used the MGL engine, and then I think SDL in later ones, or some other things, but those aren't "game engines" they're just graphics engines. All the game code is homegrown.

You need to click on the Shop to spend your hard-earned Moneys!

Yes, the best Fantasy Role Playing Game On The PC did come out in its own big box! I have one on my shelf. It's from back when game boxes were BIG, maybe 8"x11" or something, and an inch thick. With cool embossed shiny art on the front.  Good luck finding one.

That is exactly how it is supposed to work. You can press ALT-TAB if you need to use your mouse elsewhere. It is after all supposed to be a full-screen game!

Okay, I've added stockaddon.exe to the downloads on this page, grab it!

No, it only has one resolution. But it normally runs fullscreen, so it shouldn't be small. Just don't use the "window" command line and it should fill your screen nicely.

You could just upload them to any old file sharing site (mediafire I think is one name? I have no idea, never used one...), and then share the link right here for people to find.