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Im sorry, currently the construct template is build so that it works well for mobile sizes, In the future i will try to make it also available for desktop sizes ;) the music themes, sound effects and assets are all free to use for your own purposes.

Cool artwork and gameplay i really enjoyed it :D

Amazing job i love the gameplay, love the visuals! The details are fantastic and really matter alot in the gameplay :D 

From all the games i have played this is the most polished and best gameplay. I can really tell you are very experienced and i hope you will end first :D

Great game i love the visuals! I tried the game a couple of times but i had to figure out how the gameplay actually works but when you understand it is really fun to play :D

Thanks! I will try ur game too :D

Thanks i will play your game too it looks visually from what i saw very impressive:D

Wow i really love the gameplay the artwork and the concept i enjoyed it ;D

Great game the graphics looks very good, sound design too and the gameplay is lots of fun!

Thanks for the feedback i will also check your game out! ;D

sure! I will check it and also rate it 😁

a penion (pinguin) is a minion 😋👍

Nice game i got eaten by a shark unexpected haha i have played it and rated it ;)

Thanks i will try out ur game too =D !

Wow cool game!

thanks for the feedback yeah its a bummer it didnt got as far i wanted to be. But i did the best i could within a week so im happy with it!

thanks! I will play your game too!

Nice game and concept very creative!

The game i have worked on together with a sounddesigner is about penions!

thanks man! 😋👍

Thanks for the feedback i will do something with it!