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Such a cool game! I had chills the whole time I was playing and genuinely got freaked out by some parts of it! Also, if anyone wants to watch the video and support me, then feel free!

This game truly gave me an experience of fear, excitement, and shock than any other game has! Truly amazing!

This doesn't give me a bright look towards my future baby sitting job next week, But the game was REALLY cool! Definitely worth playing through!

Really Good Game. Really Surprised when the desktop on the laptop was my desktop. Lowkey spooked me.

Really fun game, Short, but creepy! Also, to all the peeps out there, please consider subscribing! 

Quite a fun game, Real short, but I learned how to avoid a car if it wants to kill me! 

Really cool game, not too much to it, but really nicely done.

Really cool game, spooked the lving hell out of me

Pretty fun game, didn't beat it, but really cool

The next video will be coming out tomorrow! Also great work man, it's truly a great game!

This is a really funny game, I'm making a series on this, love it!

A nice calming game, love it. Check out my video on it.

Really good game, Super fun. Made a whole video on it, would recommend watching the video 

I got my mom to play the game! As a manager, she related a lot to this game, so you did a great job capturing the pain and suffering of retail working!

This was a great game mate! Loved it. Perfect amount of fear and creep and an all around great game.