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This is a really funny game, I'm making a series on this, love it!

Thank you for your purchase! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I laughed my head off when you called it "Whackdonalds"! Hadn't occurred to me, I just made the W upside down! 

A few pointers - Right click looks at things or people, so if you wanted to find out why those trophy heads were put there, or why there's a huge pile of poo on the floor, right click is the way to find out! 

Alan Malcolm is an amalgamation of Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant. I couldn't decide who to draw so I drew them as one person lol. 

Steven Seagull is a parody of has-been action star Steven Seagal, albeit how he looks now, not in his prime in the 80s. He is often now seen in low budget movies and prefers to sit down as much as possible for some reason. 

I've subscribed and I look forward to seeing the next Boiled-Hard video! 

When you're done with that, there's my older crazy adventure game Heaven, Hell and the Neitherworld, that's free, or Trails and Traces, although it's more down to earth. 

Thanks again for doing a playthrough, it's really interesting to see someone play my game! 

The next video will be coming out tomorrow! Also great work man, it's truly a great game!

Thanks! ^_^