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Ah, that's not something I've seen yet. I didn't put enough work into collisions though - definitely something to look into. Thanks!

Haha yeah, unfortunately I left audio to the last minute, so I'm missing a lot of sound effects that I'd like to have.
Thanks for your feedback!

Ah yeah, you're right about that! This would definitely be something I would do if I ever enhance this, or build on it for something else.

Thanks for your kind words!

I really liked this one! I'm a big fan of any space game that also lets me walk around the interior of the spaceship.

I like that you added a bit of time at the start to get used to the controls before the first wave started though - definitely made it more enjoyable.

There was a few times where the button I pressed seemed to move the ship in the opposite direction to what I thought it should have. I don't know if that's a bug in the game, or a problem with me though.

I really loved this one! It felt like playing an old undiscovered NES game.
Really great use of assets - makes for an awesome showcase for Chasersgaming.

I really liked this one! Definitely my favourite of the jam.

I really like this - it makes me want to play the rest of the game!

Thanks for letting me know. And thank you for playing too! I think I must have accidentally uploaded an early build - there was supposed to be a "thanks for playing screen. Should be all good now. 

Hey, thanks very much for that!

Thanks for playing my game and leaving a comment! Thanks for letting me know about that high score message bug, I'll have to fix that. I left out sound mostly just because I was in a hurry to finish up before the deadline, but I might look at adding it in an update.

This is pretty fun, for what it is! Reminds me of a mini, train version of Little Inferno.

Thanks for letting me know. Is there any more info you could give me? It works for me on the latest version of Chrome.

Awesome, thanks for making the video and including my game!

Haha, that's not quite meant to happen. I think...

Oh cool, thanks for the heads up, I hadn't noticed. Should be all good now, I think.