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I would like to submit ! Thank you for setting this up, I hope it raises a lot of money!

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Some things I really enjoyed so far:

  • Ninjas Garden plays really well (though I couldn't figure out how to go on after 85% - probably some secrets I cannot find?). It does get super hard once you can't fill your health on respawn anymore and everything becomes insta-death...
  • Relocaliser 3000 is actually brilliant. (edit: PERFUME SECRET: CHAIN PROMISE)
  • Tanks really pulls you in for how simple it is. I wish there was a high score board! How am I going to show off without!
  • Deck Dungeon is neat, but curves weirdly, I ended up being overleveled. It would be cool if there was some kind of end game or goal to work towards, I think!
  • Rocket Repair is a bit longwinded but the music and looking at your rocket go is so relaxing that it really doesn't matter.
  • I love how the movement feels in Playroom Panic. It's not all that much fun with only one player, though. I imagine with two, it's a lot better.
  • tiny terrarium is ultra relaxing. I wish there was more block types!
  • SHOOTY SPACE SPACE is real hard with no i-frames when you're hit oh god I'm bad at danmaku
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Same, and Right Now: - going to just start with the submission feed and play anything that works on my machine and looks fun~

edit: over, for now, maybe more tomorrow.