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I liked this game a lot; it's a nice change of pace from the usual dating sims, and pleasingly simple to get into the love interests' routes.  I gotta say I fell in love with Nyargh and his bees.  Those bees were heckin' cute.  

Yiestol looked cool in the last picture, too, and I liked Vil's design.  

Oh!!  I didn't even realize there was a walkthrough!!!  Sorry about that ;;; and thank you for your response : )

I hate to ask, but I've been trying to find a solution where the humans aren't 'escorted' off the premises for about an hour now, and I can't for the life of me find one.  Could you please tell me in a Spoiler???  

Incredibly short, but very sweet.    

Damn, this is like, a full-fledged game???  I really like it???  

A little treasure I never expected to find :) 

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Is there an achievement list I could refer to?  And/or a DNA list?  

...I reeeeallly want to 100% this game  @  -  @

OKAY so I got all the DNAs and I'm only missing 3 Cheevos.  I attached the image...could you tell me the criteria for them?    

Also!  Is there a way to get more DNA fragments?  And how do I tell how many I have?  Thank you for the help :)  

Thank you!!!  I wasn't looking outside of Snowver  = u =;; 

Ahhh I'm sad I'm almost done with the game..

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For Vice and Silk, how am I supposed to make food and find something similar to the Oni stuff???  And where is the port in Snowver where Quinn ran off to?  The conjure option is very nice, but I'm really, really missing the chatter function.  Or just a dedicated side-quest log.  

Also, the Queen...does she have a side-quest after the main quest as well?  I visited all the towns but she just says the same thing.    

Edit: Oh, hey, there's also a misplaced tile in the Lounge area on the spaceship, right above the tea.  

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Ahhh the NPC was very helpful!  The tree looks healthy, though, not dead, which is why it was so confusing.  I thought Chip was only able to ram cracked walls, dead trees, and levers.  Regardless, thank you very much for the patch and the reply :) 

Edit: OH it's LIGHT green not DARK green //slaps self on face\\ pbbHBHHTHTTHTH dANGIT 

Ahhh this is probably me being dumb, but...I cannot, for the life of me, get through the Grotto; been stuck for about 50 minutes.  I've opened the first gate, but can't find any way to open the second/third one.  Please help   o u o;;