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Can the music only get faster by 5% instead of about 10% as it is right now? That would be more accurate to how the music is pitched in the official Mario Kart games.

I can confirm that the same thing happens on my game “Shingo!”.

Error message shown:

Error The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing: Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers) SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configurations (send correct headers)

The SharedArrayBuffer checkbox is turned on.

You CAN play this game here on Itch, can’t you?

Ay, there’s the rub; Godot 4 and above is incompatible with GitHub Pages! should be updated to point to Itch instead of that link.

Does the new update correct this issue?

Because the animation that plays when you rotate a piece doesn’t take into account which block goes where, it feels really gross and cognitively dissonant. How can I turn it off?

Thanks for the report; which OS are you using? For instance, all browsers on iOS are actually just Safari with extra features, so changing browsers wouldn’t resolve (most) problems.

“Optimize Windows settings”

Spoken like a true pretentious pig who probably doesn’t even know what that means.

Given the PICO-8’s color palette restrictions, I think you can’t just “make orange darker”. If they replaced orange with green, maybe it’ll be easier to play.

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This is fun, but I’d like to suggest two things:

1: game length

At the moment, each game goes on for about 15 minutes. Since your progress won’t be saved when you quit, it’s a huge time sink. If you could choose the game length by choosing which colored ball ends the game when merged, it would be easier to pick up and play a short game.

2: Reverse orange and yellow

I keep messing up my strategy after a while because I can never remember if orange is before yellow, red is after orange, or whatever. The reason why is because the rest of the colors are in order except for one pair.

  • black
  • dark gray
  • light gray
  • white
  • orange (expected yellow)
  • yellow (expected orange)
  • red
  • pink


osu! has input lag on my end too. That’s why I quit.

I have a few issues with this game.

1: There is no input lag compensation, so I have to tap about a quarter second early instead of tapping the rhythm itself. Yes, on Windows standalone.

2: The screen shaking and chromatic aberration effect is too extreme, and could cause seizures. There should be an accessibility option to turn the effect on, and just stick to turning the screen red instead.

3: I died when the game didn’t give me enough life to get to the first note of the next pattern. Life should not be draining while the prompt is shown (and the cues are played before Lv. 10).

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I’m not even colorblind and I have trouble telling the blue and green blocks apart.

Update: Turned off the blue light filter and lasted 51 minutes. Pretty easy without game speed speeding up considerably.

When converting PMX to VRM, the converted VRM model is corrupted.

Imagine complaining about paying people for what is presumably months of work.

It’s inspired by Tetris Effect!

Wait till you get to Level 10. It’s positively frantic.

I tried to figure out why it crashes a lot after clearing lines, because it doesn’t do that on the Godot debugger, but I couldn’t diagnose the issue because the exported HTML game didn’t give me any helpful information.