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OH MY GOD. The game SHOULD have been about killing them! 

That actually solves most of the design issues.

Very nicely paced, it introduces new mechanics at the perfect rate. Always keeps you at the "ooh, I need to think this one through" point, never too hard.

Just gave this a whirl. "Expand your enemies". This is amazing, I'll see if I can find the time to join the jam.

What can you expect from something with such a stupid title? Well, let me tell you.

Bouncing Bass Brawl Bonanza is a couch multiplayer game about buff fish that forget who their teammates are. What a mouthful. It's not an easy game to pitch, if I'm honest. The trailer explans the concept much more clearly.

It's free and you can play it on your browser. Play it with your friends! Play it with your mum! (let her win)

Thank you so much! This does exactly what I've struggled to do over the last few days.

Thanks! The idea for the WindowShake™ actually came before the game, and I'm glad that someone appreciated it. It was born out of a technical limitation: pygame doesn't have a concept of a camera, and I didn't want to bother writing the code for one. Super happy with the result!

Okay, this is adorable.

Just a heads up, I can't download or play the game. I don't see any link. A shame, "art by my niece" is a hell of a hook.

Round Ado About Nothing

You're a car trapped in a roundabout an can only turn left. Try to survive by avoiding all the traffic.

Hahahaha, I had like 40 minutes to make the music, so absolutely no offence taken. It's not very good.

Thank you for playing it! It's hard to get noticed among 2000 games.