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PureLand community · Created a new topic How to Play ?

Many people download this game and don't know where to start, what to do. 

This video will guide you to start with the game: 

I hope you enjoy this game

the PureLand Game is a complex and deep game like Factorio and RimWorld. 

The game goal is to create a world that can satisfy all kinds of desires. Unlike RimWorld, the human in RimWorld are both producers and consumers, but in PureLand, I separate producers from consumers, robots are responsible for the automated production of various items, and human are responsible for consuming these items. Since there are robots in the game, it is natural to introduce various automation operations. In the latter stage, the player can even manipulate these robots through programming. As for the need of human , the demands can be various, the most basic is the item need, then spiritual needs, can be self-fulfilling needs in the later stages of development (specifically, reference to the hierarchy of needs). The combination of these two aspects can provide the great potential of the game.

for now this game can provide a complete game experience of more than 10 hours. I hope you can enjoy the game.

Link to the game:

It's a fun game