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Hi. I tried emailing you, but I don’t know if it went through, and if it did if it got into the spam folder. So I’m just going to comment here too.

Hi. I made Android versions of Butterfly Soup (1+2), and two small games by a milkkylemon. I’ve been asked to make Android versions of your Just Kiss * Already. Would you like that?

Hmmmm. I’ll check.

I won’t be doing it.

I broke it again. I have no idea what happened. She also seemed to refuse to shoot.. I guess it makes sense with her arms broken like that.

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Yes. Debian 12 with KDE (X11)

Edit, I played through the game again,

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At the end I was thinking “That can’t be it??? NO, please, no I want more”. That was incredible.

In the very last mission it was impossible to see anything. I’m not sure if it was intended but it didn’t feel great.

There already is one?

The web port still needs to download the game. It’s just that it doesn’t download it persistently. And well, it can postpone downloading some things, primarily music such that the initial download is only half the the games size (yes, half the game sizes is just music)

I smell two languages.

If you feel like helping to translate BfS2, come join the Queerscriptors

It’s actually under Briannas profile. So clicking on “View all by Brianna Lei” or searching for her, or actually just searching for Butterfly Soup 2 should do it.

No. But I am. If you want to help me test it, install it from itch:

I’ll get it on Play Store soon.

Potentially, it seems as if it should work. But an actual iOS release would work better (and unfortunately I’m not the one that does those)

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Well… To be honest, for the web port I am pretty much just clicking two buttons.


Hey! You can try the web port at

Come join us at

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Hey! Brianna isn’t doing new translations (unfortunately), but we (Queerscriptors) could really need some help. We already have some of the game translated, but there isn’t much work being done on it: Plus, it isn’t limited to spanish, we finished french not too long ago (can be downloaded here)

We also have a discord:

If the game chrashes, there is probably a “traceback.txt” in the folder. Use something like to share it with us (just pasting it in an itch comment doesn’t work too well). Once you have clicked send you will need to copy the URL at the top of your screen/browser, it will be like the link I shared but with a bunch of numbers at the end.

I know that you seem to only do gxg visual novels

That’s just because I’ve found these and I liked them. the only requirements for me to port a game is that I like it and that it is made in Ren’Py.

could you please try making Android port of Cinderella Phenomenon

I was going “sure” until I saw the download size… 1 GIG?!? But I’ll check it out.

This is totally my fault, there is a trigger warning on the games official page, and it should be here to.

Ok, I’ve added the trigger warning from the official page. I guess people are finding this through somewhere else that isn’t that?

Thanks for the review! I too think this is my favourite game, ever.

ps. that’s why I made this.

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You might want to backup “C:\Users\straw\Downloads\Software\Games\Visual Novels\ButterflySoup-2.20-pc\ButterflySoup-2.20-pc\game\saves" then redownload the game, then put the files you backed up back in place.

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Hackerncoder’s unofficial web and Android ports of the game can be found here

There is no official one in the works AFAIK.

What Android version and ROM/Phone do you have?

Hmm. What ROM/Phone do you use?

Maybe a logcat would be good, or a debugging version, though I am away from my desktop so I can’t do that right now.

Hello! I’ve done so. Could you upload (to e.g. the file log.txt from Android > data > com.briannalee.butterflysoup > files before you install and use any older version? It may help me figure out what is wrong.

Ok. Hello! then.

Hi! How can I help you?

Only 4 years and ~7 months to go!

For what?

Great news for people that want to translate: Working with Xia0ben we have made it even easier to translate, there is now a Weblate project for it: To start translating all you need to do is register.

For secret reasons

Good or Bad secret reasons?

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Edit: Found this:

Has a link to every single song and also other things.



You can find information in “About”, these are the music names and composers:

Thought Projection”, “Holding Your Breath”, and “Thoughts of You” by Ketsa
“Romaras”, “Blooming”, and “Side by Side” by Miltata
Valar Morghulis” by Bloodgod
Flame of Love” by YOSHI
“Overflowing” by Tatsuya Kato
“My Heart Will Go On - Recorder By Candlelight” by Matt Mulholland

Title song: “Miyauchi Yuri/110515 (miltata remix)” by Miltata
Credits song: “Calling Project 2” by .que

From the games page:

“A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love. “

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It’s been a while since I checked itch too.. Anyways, I have all of my translation stuff on github, I am currently talking with someone else that is translating it: you decide if you want to.

She says there is in 2025. Although we may be lucky and it comes out before that.

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Alright. I have created the debug builds.

They are named com….debug.apk. Please uninstall the game before installing any of the debug versions to ensure it is a clean slate.

If it crashes please get a copy of the log.txt and traceback.txt (in the above mentioned folder) before starting the game again.

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I get an error for renpysteam as well, however mine works. Seems the problem is with the screen, or drawing to it or something.

I’m currently away from my development computer, I will have a debug version ready as soon as I can.