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The DLC is $10 though, not $20.
$20 is the price of the full game if you hadn't gotten it in the bundle.

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Y'know, if you actually had paid full price for the game, then I could at least understand not wanting to pay another $10 on top of that. But this seems like a pretty bad take if you already played the base game for free. The devs were kind enough to include a $20 game in a bundle that essentially let you play it for pennies, and the DLC is only of use to people who've finished the main storyline anyway. So if you're already that invested into the game, especially when you got it for almost-free, then paying half the game's original price to add another 8-10 hours to the experience doesn't sound like that big a deal.

Not everyone in the world abides by the third commandment. Such is life.

Just got this via the Ukraine bundle, and it looks interesting. I was wondering though, is there a way to run this game in windowed mode?

No problem, hope the move went well!

As far as the item boxes go, in the original game they actually work kind of tricky: their contents aren't set, but cycle between a set order. So if you skip a ?-box because you anticipate a ghost coming out, it'll actually be in the next one instead. ;)

And yeah, I understand the Janken segments being a deliberate choice, nothing wrong with that, but it does throw off expectations. :)

First things first, this is a super impressive effort, and I enjoyed trying this out. As someone who played Alex Kidd since childhood, it's fun to see what changes needed to be made to make it all fit within Pico's constraints. That said, if you're as used to how the actual Alex Kidd works as I am, it kinda starts working as a detriment; there are so many things I'm used to in the original game that caused me to die in here. Things like the merman enemy having mercy invincibility, several ?-blocks containing ghosts that would've otherwise had 1-ups, the Janken games being actually randomised instead of a set sequence, and finally going Game Over at the Ox boss because it doesn't stop after being punched. I'll keep trying, though! Again, it's a fun, different way of playing a classic.

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Fun little way to give a bit of thought to what Sega-alternatives you might recommend your Nintendo-gaming friends. If there's one suggestion I could give for a possible update, it might be nice to add in a slightly "better" ending/game over screen for players that manage to reach 100% market share. (That said, my current record is 177%.)