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Is the girl with sparkling eyes supposed to be rare or is there a specific requirement for her to appear

Thanks, that seemed to have worked out

I have no idea what that is so no

After you get the Imp you bring her back to the Prof then you go to the Ranch where you unlock the features, after that I got the availability of the Guild and that was it. Also I have called every single person I can, except the Guild girl because I don't have her number for some reason

The one where you unlock Imp and Heffer

I have done all of those already and as for the options with the Prof there is no option to make the 3 serum items considering I already went through every dialog option that I could do with her

Already did that as soon as I got the quest

I don't have any quests that aren't from the Guild, also weird you didn't get a notification? I just check Google for mine

No ,when do you get that quest?

I already did that quest, I never got a new area to open after finishing all I got was the guild to open up and do quests on the quests board which I am trying to do the Monarch one

You get Costumes from the store, just redeem a voucher spin a wheel and hope you get the Clothes portion

I don't have a 3rd area though, all I  have is the Caves and the Forest, I tried talking to the professor after I got the quest just to see if that would unlock some plains area but never got any

How do you do the Tame a Monarch quest, do you just have to get lucky and find a event panel in The Woods?

So I am trying to do this quest where you have to get 2 coffee beans, but the only source I know of getting them is the Plump Helmet's uncommon drop. Is there a way to upgrade a Haremon's stat because none of my Haremon have a level 4 Allure which I need to do get the beans

Any time I try to shop I just get an error, I wouldn't mind this except when I try to do the dungeon so many of the events require me to have a potion and since I can't get 1 I am forced to lose affection

Anytime I try to give a gift it just gives me some error when it tries to load