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Very nice! Love how clean and polished it feels, and the different twists on how things can be sorted are pretty creative and interesting.

Definitely a neat way to let people play around with morse code, but you definitely could've made it more clear what the goal is/what you're supposed to do - it took me a really long time before I finally realized you're supposed to be copying the letters in the top right corner. I had fun with it though, nice work!

Very fun! I like the concept, really forces you to think about where you aim. With more time and polish, this could definitely be something!

Love the concept, very original and very cool! That moment when you touch the pillar and it reveals everything was honestly really cool. It did start to feel a little bit aimless and it's definitely easy to get lost, but I could definitely see this being fleshed out into a pretty interesting full game given more time. Great job!

Great work all things considered! The hook mechanic is fun, the puzzles clearly had thought put into them, and I like the take on the theme. The physics are pretty buggy and the fact that you have to continually tap W to stay on the moving platform wasn't great, but hey, you made a game in 48 hours! Congratulations!