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I'm really curious to learn what Aeran and Varyn saw at the spire. Could it be connected to why Aeran is not included in the main romance? TuT

Thank you so much <3

Where can we report to you about spelling errors?

The files are here now, thank youu ^^

I can't believe the full version is out. I remember 2 years ago I discovered this gem and could not stop playing it over and over. I was in love with all the characters and the writing. This game will hold a special place in my heart and I get chill everytime i replay oathbreaker 1 <3. I will now take my sweet time playing the second one haha.  Thank you for creating this, you're the best!!! Much love muah.

Is there a link for it or something?

I like the idea of this although there isn't much on the demo; it was great to get a taste of what it will be like moving forward. Rooting for you <3

This should not disappoint or frustrate anyone!!! You gotta do what's best for you and people have to respect that. I'm a fan of your work and will support you <3

Hey kitti! I absolutely adore your writing. Interactions between characters make me feel so wholesome. Is there any other platform I can follow you or support you? I just want to stay in touch and go along with development <3. Much love. 

Heyyy, it's okay if you have to work on life stuff for a long time. What matters is your well-being above all else. Fighting!

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I'm so excited!! I have a question. Will the release date on steam be the same?? Oh, nvm. I checked on steam page! The game release will be such a gift for this month. Thank youu

Does anyone know what Wayward Road is about? I know the author said a short story but is it related to Superstition??

Nothing is more important than your safety!! Take as long as you need, we're happy to wait. Stay safe and take care. I wish you all the best 💕

oh what's the name of the game she helped developed?