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Hi there, 

I did a significant amount of work in a file, with multiple OBJs and GLBs imported, and now I'm unable to open it. PixelOver just quits. Here's my error log:

Godot Engine v3.5.1.stable.custom_build.63eecdd5e -
OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: Radeon RX 590 Series
Async. shader compilation: ON (full native support)
Shader cache: ON
ERROR: Couldn't open MTL file 'user://resources/12563/materials.mtl', it may not exist or not be readable.
   at: _parse_material_library (editor\import\resource_importer_obj.cpp:46) - Condition "!f" is true. Returned: ERR_CANT_OPEN
WARNING: Octahedral compression cannot be used to compress a zero-length vector, please use normalized normal values or disable octahedral compression
   at: VisualServer::norm_to_oct (servers\visual_server.cpp:346) - Octahedral compression cannot be used to compress a zero-length vector, please use normalized normal values or disable octahedral compression

I can't afford to lose all my work. Please let me know how I can address this.

In that case, it would be best to not advertise this as a "top down" asset.

Is the whale skeleton part of this pack, or a different one?

This is super cool. Gonna be checking it out soon!

Does this come with up and down facing horses?

Hmm... the intro plays, but I tried exploring for a while with WASD and nothing happened.

This is cute! I wish I could play it!

Ohhh, gotcha gotcha. Thanks!

I like the mini-map!

It shoots them all the way off the screen, at least for me!

The level design is SUPER fun!

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I've been having this issue with a lot of games in the browser. Refreshing seems to solve it for me usually, but not always.

I really love this! In this jam I reallllly wanted to make my bunny character hide behind bushes and in trees to not be seen by the robots, but I just didn't get to it in time - I'm glad someone implemented that kind of thing! I would play more of this 😀

I really like the grab mechanic!

I enjoyed this a lot!

The little jump blobs are so cute! I love the way they just kinda cluster around like curious little animals. They're probably intended to hurt me lol, but I'll enjoy them for now 😄

I want to play this, but all I seem to be able to do is drop the ball on the button. Can you give this noob a pointer? 😅

I enjoyed this!

This is a fun mechanic!

Aww, I love that you're a little roomba! 😄

Thank you for offering! I made it on Windows, and my browser is Chrome.

Thank goodness! I don't know why they're not working for me!

I'm in the middle of a game jam and I stopped and played this for like 30 minutes. 😄

This ... this is the cutest thing I've ever seen. 🥰

This is so cute and I love the concept, but pressing E didn't seem to do anything on any object, so I couldn't seem to hide in objects or scare people. Am I missing something?

This is great news!!

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This is so cute! I love how your avatar is a little cursor. This is such a fun idea.

I think the only request I'd have is a slightly more intuitive interface for programming the AI, including maybe a different kind of toggle for turning the program on and off. I don't know why, but my brain just wants to be able to move my little avatar around without the program having to be on. 

But you're really onto something here. Kinda gives me Baba Is You and Robo Rally vibes.

These are so cute! I love your style!

Can I request that feature? A lot of people who use avatar-based meeting platforms are looking for a good multiplayer chess app that's iFrame-embeddable. :)

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Is it possible to embed this game in an iFrame?

If you've had bad experiences with jerks who use art as an excuse to insult what people like, that sucks and I'm sorry you have.

What does that have to do with this product, though? This is one creator's take. That creator hasn't done anything to you, and what they created isn't insulting toward people who like violent video games. Why would you take your thoughts toward those other jerks out on this creator?

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Sure, I'll break it down for you. If you show up and give someone else's opinion (i.e. this product) a bad review, you can't be surprised when other people show up and give your opinion a bad review (downvotes).

Instead, you're saying the downvotes on your comment are a sign that "their actions tell a different story" than the values they claim to believe in - i.e., that it's hypocritical of them to downvote you.

It's not, though. They just don't agree with what you have to say. Their opinion about your comment is 100% as valid as your opinion about this product. If you claim that's not the case, which you did, that's hypocritical.

TL;DR: If you show up to throw shade, you're probably going to get shade thrown at you in return, and you have nothing and no one to blame but your own choice to throw shade.

Did you just give someone a big thumbs-down on something they wrote... and then... say that other people are being hypocritical if they give you a thumbs down on something you wrote? 😏

Hey umm... is there any way to turn off the Esc key immediately quitting Bosca with no warning, erasing all my work? 😞

Um, this Toxic Terror? ... I'm not really seeing much of a resemblance. 🤔