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A bit more advancement, this weekend I had not much time, but the user registration and login (used to upload 3DN files) is working.

I have tested it with the Xbox controller with the same results, only lags in the VR edition if you start the game in plain 3D mode, swapping to VR and going back removes the lag.

Ok, I will try this weekend with a Xbox One controller and with keyboard and mouse. As a note, I have tested the old version again and it does not happen.

Ok, this is starting to take shape, I already have the full API server (at least for the moment) and the UI is able to list the related infos on the server, if this weekend I have more time I think I may have a first functional version.

I have published this to Github, the code is growing and I don't want to lose it :). The URL is


If you want a smooth experience, keep as far as you can from mobile headsets, Trinus introduces lag, a ton of overhead and very low quality, and mobile cardboards tend to have very bad lenses. If you really want a good VR experience get a Vive or Oculus, Oculus is at a very good price point right now, 399$ with touch controllers and two sensors, it's really worth it.

Yes, it's really odd, there's no performance problem at all, the game runs smoothly, I can even say it runs better than previous versions, in VR I perceive more FPS's.

Also, another test, I loaded the game in non-vr, input lags, switched to VR, lag disappears, went back to non-vr mode and there's no lag at all.

Yes, the same, I use a PS3 controller with ScpToolkit which converts it to an XInput controller.

I have checked it and only happens in non-vr mode, in vr mode it's not noticeable.

I'm testing the new version 2.0.1 and I have noticed a lot of input lag, near half a second of delay between button pressing and game response while on previous versions the response was immediate.

Perfect, thanks a lot for the info!

Hi again.

I already started the project, I'm creating a .net Core Web API (using Kestrel to allow the use of any OS to host it) to manage all the data and a classic desktop app for the manager. The API now has a database of 2200 NES cartridges, the UI is able to read the cartridge info, read from the remote database and check if a 3DN file exists. After I have something that I feel comfortable with it I will release it as opensource on Github.

I'm going to start with the 3DN storage on the API and would know if you can share the structure of the file or some offsets to read info about it, things that can be useful for the user, 3DN file version (to be able to support future changes on the format), if the customization uses retina and thing like these.

As I'm doing it in C# and you work with Unity, if you are serializing the data and you can, would be great to have the classes to deserialize at least the relevant info from the file.

Here is an screenshot of the UI, for now is very basic but it's a beginning.

Also, do you mind if I do some videos for Youtube about the emulator? I think this is really great and would like to share it.


Perfect, then I will start this weekend to create it, I will share results on this thread.


Ok, understood :)


I have tested some EU roms and the audio seems to be too fast.

The version I'm using is 2.0


First of all, this is amazing, a really good job.

Now, as an idea/question, do you plan to do some type of system to automátically publish/download 3dn settings? Would be really nice to load a game and be able to choose the settings from a real repository.

If you don't plan to do it and don't mind I can do it as an external program and even host the database for this.

Keep the good job!