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We realized on Monday morning that we weren't allowed to use prefabs, and spent the morning redoing artwork/music etc to fix about 1/2 the game that we had used them on.  The ONE thing we forgot to change... the replay button, ugh...  :(   

Yep! Here ya go.

Can you be more specific about what the problems were with the textures?  

Thanks! We appreciate it!

I like the game! Great gameplay, but the background music doesn't loop.

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My mission and control menu didnt show, so i have no idea what to do.

Tried the game again, and now the player just doesn't move

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It took me a while to figure out the point of the game, so would appreciate an instruction screen in the future.

Also, managed to make myself invincible.

Nice idea, but I wish there was some more explanations because the game isn't intuitive. Last piece was unbreakable :(

Great Idea!

Graphics and gameplay are really nice.

I would love to see the arrow key movement implemented, and the game needs some music.


Can you tell us what aspect ratio/resolution you are using so we can fix this bug?



Thanks for the feedback! that was definitely on the list of future improvements. sadly we were too tired to implement this, but if we end up updating this game, this will be on the list.

For now, you can challenge yourself to only start levels after 10 seconds, or choose whatever feels right for you.

Thanks for your feedback!


whats with the date change? i am soooo confused right now.

Are we allowed to use assets that exist already? for example, free assets on the unity asset store?

(As long as we have the rights to them)