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Damn that ending. Part 2 where She tells her dad and go after her.

waited so long <3

oh wow. Didn't expect an update

Weird and twisted and cute. I like it

Download game file and than the english version and copy it to Data folder

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I picked up the wolf doll but than it was gone from my inventory.... is there a way to add it in my inventory?

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Story has deep meaning about friends and controlling people. It got me thinking. Who IS the bad guy here?

I wanna know what's in the scrap book....

This is so wholesome and i love the art.

Sad stuff... :(

Make more...!!!

So cuuute <3 Needs more socks...

Bit harsh at start but cute. Makes me activate brain which is too hard. Needs an easy mode

You havent made a single bad game yet...

why only one client? This is great!

well this was few years ago so it's likely unintentional. I think it all fits great and it's charming. real world events are just coincidence.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! makes me sad it's near the end after how many years of emotions and anticipation.

way better than a 30 dough game. It's cute with heavy topic. Makes me feel soft inside

(puts on sun glasses) .....what took you so long?

Please, your itchio app library only shows up to 11 games. I got over 1000 with the bundle. Please add the pages and a way to bookmark the page so i play games in a row. Also add installed games icons to desktop. Using the app is WAY easier than downloading from website since i don't have to unpack win rar. 

Scary... but you can be a box just like in metal gear.

Never mind. Youtube helped. Missing only one achievement. Love the ending. Keep writhing happy endings. <3

Can you please post a walkthrough how to get all the endings?  I am missing 4 of them...

Bought it. Everything you make is good. Nice, sweet and short.

Every single game of yours is lovely and cute. Short and sweet. It made me feel something... Really looking forward to new Lonely Wolf :3


Damn... thought it was  a new game...

Time to replay it so i don't forget the story

nice people being nice

It's 20 minutes of nice. Everything is just nice.

Good to see this is still active. I am looking forward to this more than any other game they showed on E3. (not that it's hard, E3 sucks but still...)

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I demand more....


This felt shorter than it was, in a good way. I was never bored or tired from reading. It is easy to read, art is cute with soft backgrounds not to stress the eyes. It really gives me warm mushy feeling. The fact this is in a universe as in the last games which I am already invested in makes it better. WOLFIE SERIES NEXT <3 <3 <3 !!1!

I give this a high score/10

Got all the endings... It's cute :3

I am glad I got the good cute ending. Prefer good over dark ending where GumDrop would run out of mana and die.... (if there is I don't wanna se it) or something like that. Love your work <3 :3 :)

Cute :3

Cute <3

What the hell... I started playing the first one and didn't stop until I ran out of games.... DAMN YOU!!! 



Like a "test version". Well it passed the test. Now make a full game :)

It's good. I love gothic style, mansions and vampires. Got really interested in the characters after 15 minutes. I wanna play the full game of them two. This would be a  great intro.

It is Just what I expected and wanted. Now you better finish it :)