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I was confused with the mine entrances from the dungeon on this map, so I am leaving this for anyone that might run into the same question.

Modifications: all entrances to area 9 are open, while access to area 10 from area 2 will be hidden behind a tapestry, access to area 10 from the hall between rooms 6 and 7, and from the left side of room 8 are removed. Access to room 10 from behind the leather rug in room 8 is unchanged.

Glad to hear that Bucolian, have you generated any interesting exotica using the tables?

I purchased a physical copy from Exalted Funeral, and I too am interested if there will be a supplement to update my copy. Thanks Anna 🙂

Thank you for taking a look at EX, and my Urth Simulacrum projects! I need to get back to US at some point, but I will also probably add everything to the Mnemosym discord bot as time allows, and use that codebase going forward. Anyhow, glad you finally found Vaarn, it certainly does sound like it shares some of your inspiration. I checked out your Zinequest project, it looks pretty gross in an awesome kind of way. Best of luck to you on that one!

Hey Jamzilla that is awesome of you to discover Vaarn and create something for it during the jam. I am working on a rack card that has an exotica generator on it. Would love to have them printed off at some point for a bookmark.

Thank you for taking my request seriously. I can try to compile a Linux binary, and I am also skilled in automated (CI/CD) build systems like Jenkins if either of these things seem helpful to you. I am not in a rush, I do have an OSX machine I can use in the meantime. Thanks!

Is the source code for this tool available anywhere?

This looks awesome! Since this is done with Unity, is there any way you can generate a Linux binary?

Hey Matt, I am not sure if you noticed this but the Texas Tango font doesn’t appear to be embedded on the map page and so is garbling the text. I assume the table below the map is a rumors table, and that the header says “Rumors” instead of “6#?79<%.¤60¬”

That hand island looks like the island in Planar Compass #1.

This pack needs to be expanded. These are my favorite minis by far.

Thanks for the quick response and update!

Hi I was wondering if there is a reason the Pages-Dot-Grid.pdf is lighter on the bottom half of the page.


Glad I was able to grab one of these in print.

Waiting for the physical copies of this to hit US stores, I unfortunately missed this when ZQ3 was on.

I only just now got notification that this is a thing. Thank you Anna, I look forward to incorporating these expanded rules into my solo play!

This is the only video of gameply I have been able to find.