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Thank you! Yes you can use it for commercial projects. 

That's great you found it useful. Thank you for sharing!

so fun! 33:55

Thank you that means a lot! 

Very fun! Great job.

Thank you so much! means a lot. 

I'm still falling... Great game:)

No. Once purchased you get access to all files that are added to this page.

I launched the Park Pack game assets today for the lowest price that it will ever be 0.99 Cents USD (67% off) for the first week! 

Use it to modularly construct your park inspired levels. 

There are 44 low poly assets so far with more updates on the way. All models use the same gradient texture atlas of 8 gradients. The trees trunk and leaves are separate leading to more color choices by using in engine material offsets. 

Download Here:

I hope you can find a use for this in your current or future projects. Happy Game Dev!

Thank you, that's great! Always nice to see what people use my game assets for :)

Yes, that helps! Thank you. 

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Thank you for the feedback! I noticed it was jittering in FullThrough's video. It's not happening in the editor so I will have to look into it :)

Thank you so much for the feedback and video! Will definitely help me improve.

I finally polished a game enough to share it with everyone!

Introducing Umbrelli Fish!

Umbrelli Fish is a puzzle sandbox in which you take control of an Umbrella to restoring your relevancy as a shelter from the rain. Collect components to construct a contraption to make it rain once more…or just play around! It’s up to you.

Windows & Mac. 

Its Free or PWYW if you want to support future projects. 

Feedback is always appreciated!

Get it here.

Thank you! :) I appreciate it

Thank you!

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The Cargo update for the Pixel Spaceship Megapack is here!

Now you are able to visually represent the cargo being carried by the cargo ships. This can tell the player a wide variety of things depending on the game. 

Some ideas include:

·      Shows how much resources that could be gained through attaching the cargo ship

·      Show the health of the ship

·      Loose cargo as damage is taken (have to pick back up again)

·      Show the upgrade status

·      Shows how much space junk collected

·      Etc.


The empty cargo ships come in all 11 colors and editing layers. The rectangle and circle cargo pods have been included separately to be placed on the ships also in all colors and editing layers.


For the first 24 hours the pack is 50% off! For the week after it will only be 25% off so grab it while its cheap! 

Download here:



 Happy game-making!

Thank you! Much appreciated

 Sounds great!

I was using gimp for these. I have since moved to using Pyxel Edit.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Much Appreciated! Thank you for the kind words.

Thank you thats great to hear!

The colors and audio is great! I wasn't able to play because I'm on a Mac but looks like a fun experience. The open goal format is definitely an avenue I want to  go with my own games (I will eventually post a game lol).

Just going off of the video, I think it might be cool to experiment with some tighter areas that require slightly more precise maneuvering. I think it could give it some nice contrast to the open spaces that you have currently. Just something to try.

This is my largest 2D pixel spacecraft pack yet with 64 spacecrafts organized in 64x64 tiles on a 512x512 .png image. I also provide 11 color variations and separate editing layers for further customization for your game. These same editing layers I used to make revisions effectively without destroying and rebuilding parts over and over again.  With a multiply layer on top, the colors can be easily changed without redoing the shading. I hope to post a more in-depth breakdown of my process in a postmortem/tutorial  develog soon, stay tuned.

Check it out here:

Thats great to hear! Thank you!

Thank you!

Payment is not needed for you to use it for commercial use, but it is appreciated.

It can be used within another creative work as is or edited such as a game. It cannot be resold or distributed as an asset. I apologize for the late response.

A dark dungeon-like tileset of a ancient purple brick palace engulfed in thick smog. Perfect for any RPG adventure or exploration game!

Link to download page below! 

Purple Palace Tileset Page

This asset is an old style gas pump that is painted in red and yellow. This is the first time I have made normal, specular, and occlusion maps for a model and I think it came out pretty well. 

Retro Gas Pump Asset Page

Six Variations of a MP5 Submachine gun including two sights. Each variation has one with and without a clip. The weapons are in 128x128 tiles organized on a 512x512 png image.

MP5 Submachine Gun Spritesheet

Thank you! You may use and edit the asset in any way you would like.

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A free black and yellow top-down spaceship asset complete with booster animation and four upgrade levels!

Spaceship Example Image

Spaceship Asset Link

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I am very happy to share this new asset package. This asset pack includes game assets that are ready to fill out any beach scene. The pack includes large and small palm trees, surfboards, beach towels, and square beach umbrellas. The files are also available in .zip and unitypackage file formats. Enjoy!

Beach Props Asset Pack page

Since this is my first asset package, constructive feedback on the package is very much appreciated!