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Hey! Great little platformer you made here! The art-style is very cute and I did not have a hard time learning how to play the game. Your SFX are spot on also.

One thing I noticed is level 2 seems a bit too hard for a second level. You want to make sure you keep your players in a state of 'Flow'. Granted this is different for every player, but ideally going from something very easy to something a good bit hard such as your transition from Level 1 to Level 2 is something you want to avoid.

Great work! I am happy to review/critique any other games you have!

Definitely putting this on my list of games to play! Looks like loads of fun!

New Playable Character now in game! The Demon Wizard makes his entrance on Level 3 and can be unlocked to play by paying off his debts!


Thanks! I will give that a shot, I tried to remove a few things but it still pooped on me. Will try to get rid of some more :D

I get this bug when trying to play my project from It seemed to upload fine but wont play. I noticed I am getting dangerously close to the 1 GB limit and was hoping I could get that increased, as well as my file limit so that my team and I can continue to use this site for our game. Thank you!

Currently a bug where if you dont click the mouse every 1 minute the game will go back to Start (For a contest entry)