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Hey there Gerf, I wasn’t expecting to cry on a random Thursday but here I am tearing up anyway.

It fills my heart to know this game meant so much to you, and your comment is truly beautiful. 

I wish you many critical successes, so much fun rolling dice, and lots of fun times with your friends ✨ 🎲 🐉  

Thank you! We're thrilled you enjoyed our lil game so much :') 

Hey there! We're looking into this now, hopefully we can figure it out! 

You should be able to type out the suggested sentences, as soon as it turns green you can hit enter to send it.

You unfortunately can’t initiate chats with users. The messages you receive throughout the game are the only ones you can respond to.


You absolutely can! Feel free to take any media of the game and use it in your article

We’d also love to read the article once it’s done!

oh no! MacOS updates have probably broken it :/

I’ll see if I still have the project files and can make a new build of the game that’s compatible whatever the new Mac version is. 

this is a cool and meaningful game for cool and meaningful cats

if you hover over their usernames they will turn red and you can view their profiles!!!

unfortunately I didn’t have time to make profiles for all of them so only about 50% of them have ‘em

Oh! This is a good thing to catch! I don’t explain this well enough but you don’t need to type out the entire response, just enough to make it green and the other potential responses grey. As soon as you do that you can hit “Enter” to send 

I’m sorry that’s not clearly explained, and I’ll take a look to make sure all the blurbs are finishable!

Thank you for the kind words! And good catch on the resolution issue- I've caught a couple problems with the game that I want to patch up, and that's one I'll take a look at :) 

I froggged the hecc outta my shelf like two whole times. Double the frogggiey shelf value for the small price of one download.

frog/10 would shelf again 

Awh thank you, we're very happy you enjoy it!

While we wish there were a secret dragon dating simulator, it is unfortunately not meant to be </3 Tell your friend that we're just as disappointed as they are ;) 

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Thanks for reposting your delightful comment! I think I said we appreciated it last time, but I want to say again that we appreciate it :D 
(refelt thanks)

You're way too kind to us <3

Glad that you enjoyed it and that it resonated with you- we appreciate you taking the time to play and taking the time to leave a comment :)

Your comment's not poor at all, friend! In fact, it's pretty rich with kindness!

Thank you for taking the time to play and let us know how you enjoyed it. It means a lot!

Awh thank you! We wanted to represent the wonderful diverse punks we roll dice with :)

Hey friend, glad that this brought up some good stuff for you :)

Thanks for playing, and thanks for letting us know <3 

Thank you for the kind words :)

Go forth and play D&D!!

Awwwh thank you Jet! There's no expiry date on enjoying a game. We're glad to enjoyed it c: 

thank yooooou! I really love that you loved our game 💜

AhhhhH! Thank you so much!

Yay! Glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy :)

Thank you so much 💜so happy that you enjoyed the game/its characters and thank you for playing!

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awwwh thank you! you melt my heart with your kind words 💜

awwwwwth thank you very much 💜💜 I’m so glad that you enjoyed it (pro tip: I took a screenshot of the end screen and made it a desktop wallpaper because I’m a nerd hehe) 

BUH thank you so much!! 

ur friends love u 🐻💜

What platform are you on? I’d suggest changing the graphics settings in the splash menu if you can get that far, otherwise on Mac it might be a permissions issue! 

I've played the game through episode 3, and there are so many things I love about it and it's hard to land on a few points to bring up. 

First of all, the characterization and mood is fantastic. I feel like I'm playing Firefly if hthr made Firefly instead. Immediately I'm in a world that feels real and lived in and somehow makes sense.

The game's narrative makes a subtle and multifaceted commentary on the nature of people that is so rare in today's media: people hurt, people chafe, people cry and bite and punch. And it happens and it sucks but those feelings are valid on all sides.

This is the rare kind of game that is so much more than the sum of its already fantastic parts. I had high expectations going into it (because hthr) and was so happy to have them exceeded when I was sucked into a real, meaty, hurting world.

(Sam & Lianna are my favs) 

Super proud of all the work we've put into this and we hope that you enjoy :D

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, I laughed my ass off for so much of this, and I appreciate so much that you played our game. Like I said died laughing, subscribed to your channel, thank you for putting this much effort into our game.

Thank you so much for playing and making a video!!! We’re glad you enjoyed it :D

I haven't been able to replicate the bug on my end  :( (I'm using Windows 10). It may be related to controllers being connected before/during gameplay but I haven't had that problem before! I'm sorry you ran into this issue, and I'll see if I can get others to replicate it on Win 7

Hey Corwin,

Thank you for playing and for telling us about this issue!

If it's not too much trouble, could you make a video of the bug? I can't replicate it on my end (or on my roommate's laptop with similar specs hehe). I have a theory that it may be tied to issues at different quality settings, but I'm not 100% sure. Could you try launching the game at a different quality setting (I was playing at "High" on my roommate's computer) and tell me if that changes things?

Thank you so much for playing and sharing it! :D

Thank you so much for playing the game! Those are really good pieces of feedback that a few people have brought up, and we appreciate your comments, we hope you enjoyed it :D 

Was it a wired controller or a wireless controller? 

Thank you so much for playing! I saw that you had some issues with controller – would you mind telling me what system you're on (Windows/Mac OS/Linux) and what type of controller you're using (Xbox/Playstation/Other)? I'd love to see if I could replicate the problem and squash that bug!