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You took the words right out of my mouth! I second this 100 %

Interesting take, I personally like to think there's something in the alcohol that infects the three regulars and then the player at the end when they succumb to drinking. Though this game would have one hell of an alcoholism awareness message if your theory is right!

My God, THANK YOU! I might have been adding the ingredients too fast as well since I was stressed to get it right, but I finally did it! I appreciate the help!

Life savers, both of you, literally! - game-wise lol. Thanks a bunch!

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Okay so I cannot, for the love of anything, get Henry's third drink right. His order is "Make it strong, then STRONGER." I've tried double the whiskey, double the bitters, double both, *triple* each, AND triple both. I shake it right every time. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

Right??? He a snack fr


No bc you're totally right!!! Him in the thumbnail is what lured me in >:)

Why did I immediately fall for the Collector when I was supposed to go on speed dates? ;;

This new update is fantastic! The improvements with facial expressions, zoom-ins, backgrounds, and changes of POVs make the story fluid and exciting to play, and the times choices add so much! You can tell how much heart (and soul, excuse the pun) went into this! 

I should inform you that the game unfortunately closed on me shortly after Hugo reads his poem to Seamus and the other lads - and continues to do so, I can't seem to get past it even after reopening and resaving the game many times. 

Still, I look forward to any updates and to see where the story goes!

As an enby with short hair and freckles named Morgan (who's called Morris by my friends) this was fun yet terrifying.

Never did I think the words "special delivery" could sound so sinister and unsexy.

u mean who IN the heck?

Who and the heck lmao

Wow, this was so scary! Someone should totally make a short horror movie out of it! /s (it's genuinely good thx for sharing!)

Poor Lars had one helluva night. ;; None of his dates seemed compatible with him and despite his efforts, he always seemed to ask the wrong question or come off as boring. A bittersweet but sadly real interpretation of what speed dating (and sometimes, regular dating) is like. Brava!

If it's gay, I'm in. Very cute art. <3

this is unrelated and unhelpful but that sounds so funny without context of having played the game first.

The very real horror of waiting for the bus next to a creep... achieved all three endings + the secret one within like fifteen minutes. Unsettling and fun, nice touch with the dialogue (well, monologue in this case) being a little different every time!

A perfect addition for those of us who thirsted for more one-on-one with our favorite characters (mine humbly being Bash and June.) Short and sweet, and it certainly doesn't hurt to know how everyone looks half naked ;)

right, he would be so gentle and caring and-

... unless you mean top as in clothing. 

Love love LOVE everything about this game; it had me hooked on every choice, twist and ending and I couldn't get enough of the characters. I suspected Reginald to be too nice from the beginning but watching him completely switch and betray Mary was heart-breaking. You really feel for the main girl, making you attached and determined to get her a happy ending. The art is so unique and pleasant to look at, making the creepy moments stand out even more! This is one game that I'll be going back to more than once.

Nice art and music, but the pacing of the writing and dialogue was a bit clunky and awkward. Only played through one time so maybe I'll give it another shot another day.

A captivating, beautiful story with an insanely cute artstyle! You'll play it through in one sitting!

Cassandra caught my eye at first, but I ended up playing through all the routes and loving them all equally! Vic's was action packed, Iris' emotional and Cassandra's mysterious. I especially lied how it all tied together with the MC and her private eye abilities.

This is pretty cool! I definitely could've used an ending where the player (aka moi) changes their mind and or gets help with changing their mind. This is a nice addition!

You've probably already heard or thought of this but this duo looks so much like Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens! That along with the "crime-solving" aspect of this pulled me in, and I'm so glad I checked it out! Such a cleverly written story with such intriguing character designs and pretty art kept me hooked during every second of it, and it was a blast to play! Just like Is Lupin Still Flirting? this is exemplary! (maybe it's on purpose but Lupine flowers reminds me sm of Lupin III I loved him.) It will be one to beat for the Spooktober VN jam for sure. 

That's really impressive! Thank you for sharing, that's really fun to see!

Thank you, happy to be here! Forgot to mention I absolutely love the artstyle. It’s so charming! And it looks exactly like watercolor paintings. Are those digital brushes or actual traditional art? :o

As a Swede and a gay, I can safely say yes. 

Right, I keep forgetting many of these NV games are still WIPs. Still, there’s a lot of potential here! I’d absolutely replay it if/when you release a new update. :)

Worried it would be appropriating to personify literal countries, it wasn't too bad. Love the animations and the little background texts, they made me laugh out loud. Other than that, the story was a little dull and the dialogue far too simple for me. 

Really cute animation and visuals, sadly the story was a tad too boring and took too long for anything to happen for my taste. 

Thought the characters were OCs until I discovered the anime, this definitely pulled me into a whole new fandom. I simp for Zenigata. 

This game pulled me into FINALLY watching the show! I thought I loved Ford until I played Stan's route, and wow, the tension is so well written! Love the painting-esque animations and visuals, so pleasing to look at!