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You forgot to mention that you also need to login to your steam account in the browser to get the key.

Can't see why that is necessary though.

Here is the save!AiXBIYMh6Ex7ls8v7-ZQLL9ZzmFztA

I will do that as soon as i get home.

Also you where asking about a usage for the IF/ELSE statement. I would love that as it would allow me to tech them to get resources from the nearest general storage or from them ground instead of walking half a map when there is a log or something else next to the autobot.

Yep, i can give you a save if you want.

The game was started on 7.1 so there shouldn't be any upgrade issues.

Nope, it works like this and it is faster :)

And that is not my problem, cereal gets picked up just fine.

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Sure, it's the same script i use for all bots

Also this happens for all buildings on 4k

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For me cereal planting is bugged in 7.1 ( the worker stays in the same spot, plants, waits for the plant to grow and be harvested, plants again). Cereal seed planting works well.

I think he still sees that stop as a weeded soil as it keeps looping " Find nearest Weeded Soil" "Move to Weeded Soil".