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Very cute graphics. Funny.

Gets tough quickly. Nice game.

Is every battle winnable? I have a feeling not every battle is winnable.

I just noticed the rewind button on the top right. I could have used that to rewind that card. Oh well. Now I know.

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Fun game. I found a bug with the "multiply soldier by itself" card. I think that's the name. The bug is that I wasn't able to cancel that card. In my final battle I clicked it but wanted to cancel and couldn't. It made for a very tense final battle. I won the battle despite me ending with a 2500 value soldier and a 4 soldier that carried the heavy lifting. Hard to explain without boring people. It was awesome!

Another "bug" is the placement of the enemies. There was a time when I thought the enemy was like 11 but turns out another enemy was covering their true value of 115. What a surprise when my 11 soldier didn't kill that enemy and its true value was revealed.

Overall, quite good and fun despite the bugs. 

Thank you for providing the source code. I don't have any puzzle games in mind but I plan to make some SDL2 games hopefully some day and this will help me learn. 

Thank you for taking the time to tweak the code, even when the tweak is small and doesn't break anything.

Thanks for taking the time to port this game. You should port Heroes of Loot next. ;-) 

Out of curiosity, what changed in the asset pack on Dec 12, 2022? Thank you for these wonderful SDL2 tutorials. They are the best.

Thank you for including your new Map Editor tutorial!

So excited to see this new tutorial! Thank you!

Thank you again for the tutorials. They are such a wonderful resource for learning how to code different type of games using C++ and SDL2. I'm still in the learning phase. My goal is to write a tactical ASCII-style roguelike so your last tutorial is one I'm super eager to go through.

Found out about this game from Orange Pixel's discord. :) Nice job. Beautiful art. 

Could you set it up so we pay with credit card? Paypal is forcing me to create an account. 

Decided to buy the game for an extra amount to thank you for the tutorial to this game. A couple of weeks ago I decided to write a turn-based tactical roguelike and your tutorial series is saving me a lot of research time.


I just noticed that part 12 of your tutorial has the wrong title. It should be Item Handling and not Handling Player Death, which was part 11. 

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You must have read my mind! Can hardly wait to start this one tonight. Thank you. 

Could you create a tutorial on creating a 2D ASCII particle engine like the one used in COGMIND? Please?

The start is odd because I had to wait in the start room for a long time with nothing to do. I thought the game was broken but then once enough time had passed I could open the door to get out. Even with all the lights on the house was still too creepy. I went to get an EMF device to place in the kitchen and the front door was open! It was closed when I was in the room last. That gave me goose bumps. I placed the rest of the EMF devices in the living room because I was afraid to go into the other rooms. I didn't know what else to do once the devices where out. There were no instructions on the desk and no Help I could find and I was not going to go exploring the rest of the house knowing something was probably in there so I decided to stop playing.  :P Sorry. Couldn't finish it. It's too creepy and I didn't know what to do so for sures whatever creature got int he hosue was going to get me. 

I'll try it next weekend. Running out of daylight and don't have time to play it during the week. I'm also afraid to play this game at night!