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The start is odd because I had to wait in the start room for a long time with nothing to do. I thought the game was broken but then once enough time had passed I could open the door to get out. Even with all the lights on the house was still too creepy. I went to get an EMF device to place in the kitchen and the front door was open! It was closed when I was in the room last. That gave me goose bumps. I placed the rest of the EMF devices in the living room because I was afraid to go into the other rooms. I didn't know what else to do once the devices where out. There were no instructions on the desk and no Help I could find and I was not going to go exploring the rest of the house knowing something was probably in there so I decided to stop playing.  :P Sorry. Couldn't finish it. It's too creepy and I didn't know what to do so for sures whatever creature got int he hosue was going to get me.