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A member registered Apr 15, 2018

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Hey! Is there a possibility you can have a "Update Log" of sorts here to see what's changed from version to version? Love what you have so far

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...Maybe. I will double check, oof.

EDIT: Game was showing newest version but was still Old version. Space Bar no longer causes Glaucoma

Hey, noticed that spamming space makes the game progressively darker to the point of blanking out the screen. Dunno how far up a list of priorities that'd be

Darn. However, you're the boss, we'll support ya!

Now we just gotta know... can they "Impregnate" you I wonder? All holes stuffed kinda action 

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Hey! You've put a lot into this! What kind of kinks are planned to be added?

Hey! Stick with it! Get better at it!

You don't see egg-insertion or oviposition enough nowadays, awesome stuff!

Out of curiosity, what whole range of kinks were you planning to add? I know that's pretty generic, guess I was thinking more towards the southern end of the spectrum like abdominal bulge, tentacles, oviposition etc. Standard weird stuff.

Ah, all better. Thanks!

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Newest update bricked the save feature, game kills the menu and clears your saves list completely as soon as you click the button to actually SAVE the game

Edit: Even the options menu is borked, upon trying to leave it just forces you to stay in the editing screen. All probably issues you're tracking, and you've done a lot so far, so it's probably just a slight hiccup between updates.

Yeaaa.... no. 10$. Nice of you to care tho.

.Txt file was unable to be downloaded for some reason, payed for it too!