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I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

Discard text blocking costs is something that I hadn't considered, but it's a good point. It can mitigated some by right-clicking to zoom, but that's pretty clunky. I definitely agree with the font problem and I wish I had some more time to get the balancing right.

Thank you for your comments and feedback.

Feels and looks like an old arcade game, great job!

I think it was great that this was surprisingly tense for something that looks cute. I think using a polar bears was a clever callback to the title of the inspiring episode.

The art in this is super impressive. Definitely captured the feel of the show in the characters, environments, and events. I loved the inclusion of the sketchbook.

Thank you, I will add a tutorial soon if I'm able to submit an update.

I think confusion about the rules has been a common theme. I tried to keep the instructions simple to make them easy to read, but I think adding a more detailed tutorial would be beneficial.