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(hope this message will be translated properly) It's an alright game. It's fun to try to find your way around, Although it could be polished a bit.


Love the game! level design is pretty descent. A bit challenging though. Art's pretty good, no bugs that I know of If I could rate it, 5 out of 5! (can't because I worked with a team and didn't submit my own technically) 

I don't think web builds save information, or do they?

I like it! Music is great, and it's good challenge! Sometimes you clip through platforms a bit, and the jump count might be buggy but idk, great game 5 out of 5


I love the game, fits the theme very well, and is just plain fun! =

very interesting spin on the original snake game =)

this is already one of my favorites of this jam! Great job on the puzzles, the art style, and the polish! =)

While I think "killed" viruses don't die doesn't make much sense, the gameplay is pretty good, interesting idea. There was a missing hit box on a wall, and the hearts don't go all the way to 0 on death. but very good nontheless. =)

Very fun to play, a little challenging =)

5 out of 5

not bad. Definitely has potential, but it seems difficult to reach a high score when you lose points from missing birds, especially when you fall. Music is okay, but not too much of a fan. Overall, I like it. It's kind of fun. 4 out of 5. =)

You've got the less part right. You just need to work on the more part. =)

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sounds good

Edit: my discord user is GlobsOBlob#5093

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I'll do it.

Edit: may I join?

I think maybe I should at least give it a try, even if I'm not quite skilled enough. It might help improve my skills. Hopefully work won't get too much in the way

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Hello, I'm debating whether or not I should do this, I've never done a game jam before, and I'm not sure if I have enough experience